New London Route Complete


It's all over for Susette Kelo and Michael Cristofaro. The last two holdouts from the original, failed Kelo v. New London suit have settled with the city of New London, CT. Kelo and Cristofaro will lose their homes and receive an undisclosed settlement. (Nutmeg State Gov. Jodi Rell has authorized some state funds for the property owners.)

A small sampling of Reason's coverage of this landmark eminent domain battle here, here, here, here, and here. Thanks to Fred Nolan for the tip.

Update: Institute for Justice emphasizes a couple pieces of good news for Kelo and Cristofaro:

In a compromise put forward by Kelo and accepted today by the City of New London, the home will be saved and moved to another location, perhaps close to where it originally stood over a century ago, on Pequot Avenue in New London…

Faced with eviction and the destruction of her beloved home, Kelo put forward an idea that she had originally proposed when first threatened with eminent domain abuse: preserving the home and moving it. When she first proposed this idea, it was rejected by the New London Development Corporation (NLDC). Now, the City, NLDC and the State of Connecticut have agreed to the move. While the precise location has not yet been determined, the house may be moved on or near Pequot Avenue, which is where the home originally stood before it was moved to Fort Trumbull over 100 years ago. There, the home, like Kelo's property in Fort Trumbull, will be very close to the Long Island Sound…

While Kelo's agreement today signifies her deep attachment to her home, the agreement reached with the other remaining homeowner, the Cristofaros, reflects the family's deep affiliation with the Fort Trumbull neighborhood, where they have lived for over 30 years. Although the Cristofaros will lose their current home, under the agreement, the City and the NLDC have agreed to support an application for more housing in Fort Trumbull, and the Cristofaro family has an exclusive right to purchase one of the homes at a fixed price. Moreover, a plaque will be installed in the Fort Trumbull neighborhood to commemorate the loss of family matriarch Margherita Cristofaro, who passed away while the battle against eminent domain abuse occurred in New London.