Feral Kid or Feral Genius? You decide.


Star commenter Jennifer's loud and proud on these here internets. Now she's large and in charge with her own blog. Give her an earful at feralgenius.blogspot.com.

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  1. If Herrick and His Balls start a blog, will you link? More importantly, could you hook me up with a carpet humping ad?

  2. Wow. Tim, would you take it as a compliment or an insult if I said you have what it takes to make even me blush? I thought you were just going to change my address in the comment threads.

  3. I think we owe it to Jennifer to make this a 200+ post thread. After all, she’s one of us. Whether she likes it or not.

    If you won’t do it for Jennifer, then let’s make this a thread about why fighting global warming requires that we ban abortion and build walls between church and state πŸ™‚

  4. I felt disenfranchised by your blog.
    But I’m cool with that.

  5. Okay, that’s total synchronicity. I typed that “fighting global warming requires that we ban abortion and build walls between church and state” statement without having read Jennifer’s latest post. Now I have, and she refers to an article entitled, “If Only Gay Sex Caused Global Warming”. Whoa.

  6. The only way this could be more embarrassing is if I somehow activated a webcam on my laptop and started broadcasting now without realizing it.

    Depends what you were doing, and whether or not you linked it to ad revenue or some sort of pay-per-view model.

  7. Here’s to a 200+ comment thread.

  8. Three weeks until the f*ing Bar…but still able to support the lovely Jennifer.

    Jennifer for Republican CT Senate candidate. Loe and Led are going to split the heavily lefty CT vote, might be your best opportunity.

    Most inspiring movie: Miracle. I was 9 years old and lived in Saranac NY, actually got to see the Americans play in an early round, the arena wasn’t even full. What a story.

  9. Hey Jennifer, didn’t you once ask me if you could write a column for my newspaper? Wasn’t it you inquiring about how to get a job in journalism? What’s this bullshit of you getting accolades on Reason? Oh, and Jennifer? Can I write a column for you one day? Pretty please?
    Your blog is now on my daily slate. Congrats … you rule.

  10. Y’know, the carpet-humper doesn’t bother me as much as the “Save the UN” group — WTF do they take us for, anyway???

    Congrats, Jennifer. If I had enough motivation, I’d join you as a semi-pro blogger, but I think I’m going to hoist a beer in your honor, instead.

    Let us know if you’ve got an unscheduled webcam session coming up — I’m sure there are lots of folks here who’d like to accidently see what your official blogging costume consists of… πŸ™‚

  11. Your topics are interesting. That’s a great reason to refer to your blog.

  12. PL, the reason that fighting global warming requires that we ban abortion and build walls between church and state is because the scientific thought police of evolutionary theory are preventing our children from being taught the controversy between Darwinian evolution and intelligent design theory.

  13. Jamie, I did once tell you that in an attempt to build up a clip file I’d be glad to write any freelance stuff you needed. But it wasn’t necessary, as I managed to get a job at a daily paper. Now I need to figure out a way to parlay that into a job writing stuff that is NOT “unopinionated” and “family-friendly.”

    I like opinions much more than I like families.

    Thank you, everybody. I have to go now and write something better than my current latest post.

  14. biologist, surely you don’t suggest that the climate just happens to randomly evolve into the weather we see every day. It’s obvious to any clear-headed observer that God has it in for whomever he is choosing to rain upon today.

    Equally obvious is the need to preserve our babies so that God can rain on them, too. With more rain, comes cooler temperatures.


  15. To Jennifer!

  16. And remember, folks: It is not that we’d all secretly love to boink Jennifer.
    We are simply totally hot for her mind. And the fact that she used to snake her naked body around a pole has nothing to do with our infatuation.
    Nope. Smart, sexy, opinionated, libertarian-leaning ex-stripper … that will never get a guy going.
    Well, goodnight everyone. I’m going to lock myself in the bathroom for three hours.

  17. Yes, it’s an honor to have my new blog linked to from here, but for what reason?

    All I know is that it wouldn’t have happened if you were a Christian.

  18. Jaime Kelly,

    Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting.
    But a woman who toes the libertarian line is to be praised.

  19. Jennifer,

    I suggest updating your profile on your site. It tells us absolutely nothing about you. How are people supposed to know you were once a pot smoking school teacher? The horrors of it all.

  20. JK:


    Rave on, Jennifer!


  21. I will add to the 200 comment thread, because I feel I’ve contributed something to Jennifer’s blog by directing her how to change the “comments” feature on Blogger.

    One day, I hope to have a blog that is more than just my co-workers and I making fun of people when we’re bored at work.

  22. Lost in the discussion so far is the fact that I get ALL the credit.

  23. What happened to the part about finding Jesus and the end of the world?

  24. “Feral Kid or Feral Genius? You decide.”

    We’re all agreed on the “feral” part, eh?

    You do have a way with words, Jennifer. I think being female gave you a headstart.
    (At least I’m better at math. ppfflpffft!)

  25. From this conservatarian scum, make our side beg for mercy Jennifer!
    Kick some ass…

  26. Yay, Jennifer!

    Since I don’t normally click on people’s names, I didn’t even know you had a blog till you spent the day bitching about an incorrect link. Mostly I wanted to sneer at the Bible site, but found your excellent blog instead. Very cool.

    I will now begin an argument on the topic of intellectual property, which is bound to take the topic way over 200 replys.

  27. I have done deposited my halting verbiage on Ms. Feral’s new site… the one about bed-wetting, I mean monsters under the dang bed.
    All ye go and do likewise.

  28. I will now begin an argument on the topic of intellectual property, which is bound to take the topic way over 200 replys.

    ‘Scuse, I started that argument first!

  29. Jen,
    Remember the key to a high hit count:
    At least one blog entry per week should mention that you just got out of the shower, you will soon take a shower to wash your sexy red hair, or better yet you are currently taking a shower and could use some help washing your back.

  30. NoStar,
    And blush powder. And blush powder. And blush powder. (shudder)

    Which reminds me. I got zero response to admitting my penis is bigger than a red wriggler, but smaller than a night crawler.

    Is there some sexism?

    Where the hell were you?

  31. I have always found Jennifer’s posts to be inciteful, relevant and alternately cutting or poignant, depending on her ire.

    And if she really is a redheaded, pole-dancing, pot-smoking libertarian, then I’m really in love.

    Good luck on the blog.

  32. The Libertarian Party is the perfect vehicle for ensuring a freer and better society.


  33. Jennifer,

    Good luck and congratulations. The only advice I have for you is that summed up to the sage commander in The Art of War: “Victory can be known – it cannot be made.”

    Again, best of luck to you.

  34. Actually, this disturbing lustfest for Jennifer gives me an idea for fixing the LP (yes, I know what I just said). Sell out completely on the methodology and go with the hot babes. No change in the message, just in the delivery. How much better are the words of Frederick Hayek when spoken by Salma Hayek? In psychology, this is called positive reinforcement. Hear libertarian words, see babes. Maybe we can ring a bell, too.

    The heck with winning the hearts and minds. Let’s win the glands. We could crush the major parties, ’cause they ain’t hot at all.

  35. PL,

    How about NO? You crazy horny bastard! πŸ™‚

  36. sage +P,

    Do you mean “no” as in “No, the LP is hopeless” or “No, your idea to babeify the LP is morally repugnant”? If the latter, you, sir, are wrong.

  37. Allow me to let Pro Libertate down easy:
    What have the faux-nekkid bimbos done for PETA?
    They have won my gland on several occasions, but never my mind.

    We have a tough row to hoe here at the temple of the Vestals.
    Keep your hoe to the ground, your shoulder to the wheel, etc.

  38. Yes, but it’s American to be rugged and independent. It’s not American to eschew meat. Therefore, we are simply reinforcing the libertarianism that is already there. Through sex.

    Fools! When Hooters girls across the country are going door to door before campaigns, we’ll see how stupid my idea is. Yes, we shall. And even if we don’t, well, we’re all winners πŸ™‚

  39. “Yes, but it’s American to be rugged and independent. It’s not American to eschew meat.”

    Pro Libertate,
    I’m getting so old, chewing meat is a heavy burden on the few remaining toothies, but escrewing meat is something I still aspire and subscribe to.
    Bear with me.

  40. Ruthless,

    “Escrewing”? Is that some sort of Internet porn term? As in E-screwing? I’m really behind the times.

    To all liberty-loving hackers! Hack the LP web site and add girls! Naked? Sure! Why not? Freeeedoooom!!!

    Next I’ll find a way to use sex appeal to establish a colony on Mars.

  41. Man. 41 posts and no love for the Feral Kid:


    Y’all sicken me.

  42. Pshaw!
    No as cool as Master Blaster

    Who runs Barter Town now!

  43. I hate to break it to you, but Jennifer is actually the nom de plume for a gigantically tall and grossly overweight male with a hairy back and pendulous moobs. The upside is that those pole dances don’t cost hardly any coin.

  44. “Not shit! Energy!”

  45. Cool..I’ve read many of Jennifer’s threads here and always been impressed with her insight – I’ll have to bookmark this one.

  46. Yikes, I spoke way too soon..I clicked on Jen’s profile from an earlier thread about how bogus the top 100 movie list is and what do I..er..get?

    AmazingBibleStudies: A mega-site of Bible, Christian and religious information and studies

    Ok..that was an obvious typo on the post and duly noted with the thread but I just had to throw it in here – anyway, post some pics so we can see if you’re cuter than Wonkette πŸ™‚

  47. I’ll post one either tomorrow or the next day. I promise.

    Thanks. Wow. Y’all can make a former stripper blush.

  48. Time counts and keeps countin’, and we knows now finding the trick of what’s been and lost ain’t no easy ride. But that’s our trek, we gotta’ travel it…

  49. First thing Independence Day, I find out Jennifer has her own blog. I haven’t even finished my coffee, and now it’s Irish coffee.

  50. I was hoping for pictures.

  51. I added the photo, as promised. Jeff just took it today.

    By the way, does anybody know how to fix it so that the picture shows on the front of the blog itself, rather than just in the “view complete profile” section? I still don’t know how to work all the features of that blog program, on account of I’m so lousy with computers.

    Which is why one of these days I’m bound to accidentally and obliviously turn on that webcam and broadcast video of myself onto the blog without even knowing I’m doing it. I have no way of foretelling when this calamity will occur, alas, so I suppose you guys will have to check the blog every day to see if Gotterdammerung has occured yet, right? Thanks again, everybody.

    P.S. I only blog in filmy lingerie.

  52. Aw crap, there go my all my fantasies about the hairy backed guy swinging his pendulous moobs around a pole. And in the end of that fantasy, I just flip him a quarter and he’s grateful, grateful, I tell you!

  53. Jennifer, the best way to seize control of your blog is to learn some HTML and CSS. You don’t have to become a Zen Master or anything, just learn enough to steal code from other pages. Otherwise, you’re too much at the mercy of your blogging software and platform.

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