Lactose Intolerance: Treasonous AP Busts Open Secret Pro-Pasteurization Program


Thank you, Ohio Department of Agriculture, for sending your brave undercover agents into the dark, lawless, unpasteurized underworld of Amish dairy farms:

Last September, a man came to [Arlie] Stutzman's weathered, two-story farmhouse, located in a pastoral region in northeast Ohio that has the world's largest Amish settlement. The man asked for milk.

After the creamy white, unpasteurized milk flowed into the container, the man, an undercover agent from the Ohio Department of Agriculture, gave Stutzman two dollars and left.

The department revoked Stutzman's license in February…

"You can't just give milk away to someone other then yourself. It's a violation of the law," said LeeAnne Mizer, spokeswoman for the department.

Sadly, an irresponsible press has effectively killed this critical, once-secret program. Disgraceful.

Hat Tip: Bureaucrash.