A Helping Hand for the Insufficiently Hysterical


Have a pressing need to know the names of sex offenders in your area? Too lazy to google "Megan's Law"? Consider moving to Maryland, where the state brings personal information on your neighbors directly to you, the deeply concerned but incredibly slothful citizen:

Shortly after signing a new law that increases prison terms and reporting requirements for sex offenders, Gov. Robert Ehrlich announced a new phone alert line that will notify people when convicted sex criminals move into their zip codes.

The new hot line goes hand and hand with provisions in the new law that mandate increased registration, prolonged parole, more frequent reporting to parole officers, submission of DNA samples and automatic notification of all schools in the county where the offender resides.

This being campaign season, Ehrlich's wife has taken to the airwaves to pimp the hotline and citizens' "right to know" about the migration patterns of other citizens. The PSAs/ campaign ads are being funded with a $200,000 federal grant.

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