Chicago Is Going to Be Your New Mecca


According to the Miami Herald, the cabal in Liberty City that reportedly planned to blow up the Sears Tower was an offshoot of the Moorish Science Temple, the religion founded by Noble Drew Ali. That's all the excuse I need to link to this page.

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  1. I’m personally suprised the FBI pulled the plug on these guys so soon. If I were an FBI agent, I’d watch these guys fumble along for at least a couple more years while I laugh my ass off watching them.

  2. So, effectively, these guys were arrested for intent and assembly?

    I’m not familiar with US law, so I have to ask: will these charges stick?

  3. Fuck you, Jesse, for linking to that. This is too much truth for one sitting, I almost went blind and heterosexual after blowing my mind on that knowledge

    Apocryphal sayings of the
    Prophet Noble Drew Ali

    Look around, and where you see people, one day wild animals will be roaming down the streets.

    When the fire comes, I will be the water.

    I have got airplanes, zeppelins and apparatus.

    In the year 2000, the Moors will come into their own.

    We have the blood of every nation flowing through our veins, thereby bringing about a cross spirit.

    I placed a ball on Babylon, and its rolling down. Anybody that gets in the way is going to be ground to powder.

    I am going to repeat myself.

    When I open the floodgate its going to take sixteen secretaries just to take down the names.

    I have got detectives everywhere.

    The third and fourth generations will see the good of my work.

    While I am talking to you Moors, my spirit is over in India with them, and those old sisters are jumping this high because of my coming to them.

    Stay out of the alleys with your turbans on!

    I could tell you some things that would turn your brain to water.

    Your nationality card is going to change on you, right in your pocket.

    One day you are going to look out into the streets, and the streets are going to be filled with turbans and fezzes, and the highways are going to be blocked.

    The Moors watchdog is not a dog, but an elephant.

    When I was born, it turned black dark in the daytime. The people put their hoes down and came out of the fields.

    I have mended the broken wires and have connected them with higher powers.

    If I tell you that I am going to do a thing, I have done it already.

    I have fixed everything; I have stopped every rat hole.

    Chicago is going to be your new Mecca.

    Boil your drinking water.

  4. OB response: I would like to know which parts of the Patriot Act were invoked, whether NSA spying was instrumental in thwarting this. Basically, which post-9/11 changes in the law were needed to prevent this brewing catastrophe or any other attacks post 9/11.

    Of course I’ve been hearing sufficient of self-congratulation on certain channels about how important Bush’s policies are to preventing things like this and that they must be working because we haven’t been attacked again. Heh.

    It sounds like sort of the same as Santorum’s thinking regarding 500 serin and mustard gas shells in Iraq.

  5. So the only Al Qaeda connection, the only source of terrorist know-how, and the germ of the plan all existed because of the undercover FBI agent?

    Man, if this is another Buffalo, heads should roll at Justice.

  6. Yes, from reading MSNBC’s coverage at least, it’s painfully obvious that these guys were no more a threat to the general public than your typical group of LARPers.

  7. So they’re a bunch of jokers who couldn’t blow up a Taco Bell. Anyone surprised?

  8. As I understand it, they are a bunch of nuts who got all pissed off and declared themselves to be members of Al Qaeda. Then they realized that they had no fricking clue how to actually join Al Qaeda or pull off any operations, so they started asking around and found themselves in contact with an FBI agent.

    If I were the FBI agent, I would have arranged for them to attend an Al Qaeda training camp on the Afghan-Pakistani border. I figure that within a week they’d shoot themselves by mistake, blow up themselves and some other Al Qaeda recruits during IED training, or make a mistake during Anthrax Class that depopulates the training camp.

    It’s what I call a win-win.

  9. So they’re a bunch of jokers who couldn’t blow up a Taco Bell.

    I don’t think you would be laughing if you were a chicken. According to this, they might be followers of Santeria (witchcraft).

    Not only do they hate us for our freedoms, they also hate us for our Buffalo wings.

  10. “I could tell you some things that would turn your brain to water. ”

    Someone call the Schiavos! I think we have a new suspect.

  11. Imagine what will happen when these idiots are told to join a prison gang for protection:

    Gang member: Hey, man, you join our gang, we’ll keep you safe.

    Idiot: Oh, no, I’m not falling for that again. You work for the FBI, don’t you?

    Gang member: What the fuck are you talking about?

    Then the idiots get their asses kicked, or perhaps probed.

  12. They have little to worry about in prison except for getting in fights unless they’re gay since they’re not white. The prison rape stuff only applies to certain specially selected individuals and to whitey.

    I don’t know if people here listen to much of what I say but I do know what the fuck I’m talking about. Their prospects are relatively good unless they somehow make it to a mostly white prison (heh). If you are not white you have a pretty good chance of doing your time in peace and coming about rather normal. You (thoreau) on the other hand, would be sharing your bitch money with your daddy at about 20/80 and your dick would never work right ever again.

    The population could of course have a special hatred of terrosists. I don’t know anyone that’s been on the inside since 9/11.

  13. M’-

    I’m sure you’re right. I was mostly just joking around about what a bunch of idiots these guys are, that’s all.

  14. Islam and Greeting’s

    As we are the Chief Spiritual Guide, Religious Teacher and as a Moorish Moral Authority in this portion of the Moorish Science Temple of America -1928 portion.

    Moorishly we feel sorrowful about these sad events, we must also keep a clear mind about who these younger members of what every group of believer may come from, {as we use the term believer in the teaching which they laid claim too}
    While actually not of Our Holy Prophet Ali, we declared that what they were taught was not what our Holy and Divine Prophet Drew Ali originally brought to our Moorish American forefathers and mother. Rather a bastardized version thereof given to them by men who have been misled off the true and Divine Path of Allah, Islam and the Prophet Ali himself}.

    We in this portion of the M.S.T.of A, Don’t teaches nor stress or preaches a overthrowing nor the destruction of these United States of North America, but rather obedience to law and to the government. As long as our constitutional rights of protection are adhere to, and as our Holy Prophet Ali declared that he didn’t make any Rule, regulation of law which shall be at various with any Town, City, County, State or this Nation.[Prophet announce his Power and Authority}.

    Anyway of there be any just and intelligently asked Question we are willing to be interviews about this topic and more in regards to the Moorish Science Temple of America, it’s principle, it’s mission and it’s Prophet and that of his teaching of Islamism, In addition, our practices of them.

    Chief Minister Ra Saadi El-Muadi’B

    Feel free to contact us at our toll free number
    1-888-361-2499 and visit our hosting web site at, see for yourselves who are REAL Moorish American Moslem.

  15. That’s a nice website, Shaykh.

  16. My favorite part of the website is here [pops].


    Chief Minister Ra Saadi El-Muadi’B

    That’s a joke, right?

  17. Rich:

    I think El-Muadi’B means “the teacher” in this context, not “desert mouse” or mahdi.


  18. “You (thoreau) on the other hand, would be sharing your bitch money with your daddy at about 20/80 and your dick would never work right ever again.”

    Tell M’ that his dick will work right only in prime calendar years. (Like your prescription for the Little Woman and me.)
    You tell him.
    We’ll watch… our sacrificial doctor.
    It’s way past time here in the Temple of the Vestals to appease the gods.

  19. I’m sure you’re right. I was mostly just joking around about what a bunch of idiots these guys are, that’s all.

    Point taken.

    Sometimes I take things too seriously just because I happen to know people in particular situations.

    Every year is prime for me by the way but I wouldn’t want snuff out the sacred fire of Vesta…or would I?

  20. In today’s climate, framing Muslims as terrorists is easy. Buy fertilizer, a copy of the Koran and other suspicious paraphernalia, stick a note on the stuff that says “victory to El Quaeda!” Then put it all in an abandoned van next to your poor, peace-loving Muslim neighbors, and place an anonymous call to the local police. Heaven help them…..

    In Oct. 2001 two terrorist were caught trying to enter the Mexican Parliament Building with C-4 explosives, hand grenades and a high powered gun. CNN reported a “breaking story” of a foiled terrorist attack in Mexico, promising further news, but never mentioned anthing further. Turns out one of the terrorists was a MOSSAD (Israeli Intelligence) agent, the other a Mexican Jew. (They had fake Pakistani Passports in their possession to implicate Muslims) It was headline news in Mexico, and the story also was mentioned on the Mexican Justice Dept’s official Web Site, but not a peep from FOX or CNN. Non-Muslim terrorism just isn’t fashionable in the media, especially when it represents a failed attempt to falsely implicate Muslims. (Please see my blog; for more info.)

    The IDF’s official historian has written that when the territories were first taken over back in 1948, Moshe Dayan had his forces dump typhus and dysentery into the village wells. The main stream media in the U.S. is shy about mentioning such things.

    Very few Muslims hate Israelis because they are Jihadist fanatics, but a much larger number dislike and mistrust them because of such behavior.

    I feel for Israel’s security concerns. The way out is for the nation to become less of a Jewish theocracy and more of a secular democracy. If they elected as Prime Minister a Palestinian who is married a Jewish woman, that would help. It’s the same principle that European monarchies used; marry your son or daughter to the opposing king; you’re a bit less likely to kill, plunder and pillage, if it’s your own in-laws. (Then again, a few guys might be tempted to perpetrate a suicide bombing against their mother-in-law)

    As long as the PM has to wear a beanie, they’ll still have trouble. Can you imagine the elation the guys will feel knowing that they are liberated from the yoke of domineering Jewish Mothers-in-law? Instead they get a nice quiet lady behind a veil who makes great falafels.

  21. M’,
    Just between you and me, Vesta is the name of me sainted mother, and her breathing was not too good today.
    She dislocated her left thumb recently by trying to put her pants on two legs at a time, and falling. She has resolved to henceforth put pants on one leg at a time like most of us.
    She’s afraid my father will have an accident driving her to have her cast removed. He’s old. And can’t see good.

    Was 1942 a prime year?

    Whatever, thoreau is practically begging to be snuffed, and he lives up near DC somewhere.
    Far, far from Sinincincinnati.

  22. I think El-Muadi’B means “the teacher” in this context, not “desert mouse” or mahdi.


    I’ll pretend that’s exactly what I thought the joke was, and not that Muadi’B was a play on a

  23. Two-legs-at-a-time pants pullups should only be attempted by trained professionals ala Cirque de Soleil as far more serious injuries could result. Don’t imitate what you see on TV.

    OTOH, if you are not being facetious about what you’re saying, then I’m sorry to hear about your parents’ troubles and hope your mother gets well soon.

    1942 was definitely a prime year for my parents’ parents, their descendants and my subsequent ancestors.

  24. kwais: I really have to go to the bathroom.

    “recruit”: then go.

    Kwais: all over the HnR board I mean.

    “recruit”: I see no problem with that. Your Naivete amuses me.

    kwais: what is naivete.

    “recruit”: so we are going to meet later.

    kwais: I would like that very much.

  25. “1942 was definitely a prime year for my parents’ parents, their descendants and my subsequent ancestors.”

    Man, I’m really feeling old now.
    Until I see how well Vesta and my dad are doing, all things considered.

  26. My sentence was mistaken. More accurately:

    “1942 was definitely a prime year for my parents’ parents, my subsequent ancestors and their descendants.”

    Now it reads more clearly to encompass three generations and not four. Sorry.

    Assuming you speak of yourself, in 1991 I was about half as old as you were in 1982. See, that’s only about a mere 9 years difference!

  27. 231

    I’m really attracted to thin, brainy girls


    Anyone wanna hook me up?

  28. I thought the Bradley Center was the new MECCA.

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