Slime, Peter Venkman Style


It may not be a positron collider, but researchers at the Southwest Research Institute have come up with a portable, Ghostbusterlike device that allows the wearer to cover the ground in slippery goo. The purpose? Non-lethal crowd control.

The backpack system, which weighs less than 75 pounds, can shoot a non-toxic material up to 25 feet. The goo is so slippery that it's almost impossible for a person—or a car, for that matter—to maintain their traction.

A little while ago, Hit and Run's Brian Doherty brought us the early development and full patent info for the device. You can now see a picture of the nostalgia-inducing apparatus here.

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  1. When do I get my light saber?

  2. Now a crowd is going to fall on their heads and crack their skulls. Perhaps they could be cited for rioting without a helmet.

    I just wonder how some DeVilbis spray gun is going to cover anything to a significant degree.

    They were called “Proton Packs”, right?

  3. I think it would soften the storm troopers’ image if they put a cute “Nicklelodian” logo on those slimers.

  4. People falling down, especially fat people, is really funny. Maybe the riot police should throw pies, too. That would be cute.

  5. Charlie Chaplin in the skating rink was always my favorite.

  6. I see, so this is actually based on Ghostbusters II with the “mood slime” sprayers.

  7. I wonder if the slime comes in shotgun loads. That would be cool…

  8. There’s nothing new about this, Riotril was used back in the 1960’s and produced the same effect. I seem to recall that it produced so many fall injuries that it was withdrawn from use.

  9. Congratulations SWRI, you’ve invented the lube cannon. I’ll have to tease my buddy who works out there about this later.

  10. Congratulations SWRI, you’ve invented the lube cannon.

    I wonder if it can be filled with KY for the party that I’m throwing this weekend…

  11. Make the uncontrollable crowd slip ‘n’ slide. Slapstick as law enforcement, I love it! Let’s hope they play Yakkity Sax over the loudspeakers.

    And when’s the last time anyone saw a great pie fight? I think we’re due!

  12. Okay, so you’ve got the rioters splayed out on the ground, helpless. How do you propose they (A) obey an order to disperse, or (B) arrest them without getting trapped yourself? Is it okay if they decide they’re comfortable with a sit-in?

  13. Son:

    You aren’t thinking clearly.

    Step 1: The slippery goo gun.
    Step 2: The firehose.

  14. Pi: If you hate your party guests, geeze, at least spring for the Wet or the ID or something, pal.

  15. I remember an article back in the day about some European country that had a blue spray that you couldn’t wash off.

    This seemed to be like the plan:
    Well there is a lot of them right now, spray the blue stuff.
    Disperse them with tear gas or whatever.
    Then billy club them individually as they are identified by the blueness.

    I don’t remember ever seeing the cops use it though.

  16. The goo shooter.
    Code name: The Coulter

  17. But can you kill dogs with it?

  18. Great, how long before the neighborhoos kids all show up and start playing in it? Turning riots into family fun, there’s a concept.

  19. Glad to see that DARPA is taking a note fromthe Super Soaker people.

  20. That’s not just regular slime, it’s, it’s….


  21. This should work fine as long as they don’t cross the streams.

  22. when will this be available for my next frat party?

  23. The ideal formulation would be slippery at first, then become ultra-sticky as it dries. Once the “protestors” are glued to the pavement- out come the steamrollers.

  24. “Once the ‘protestors’ are glued to the pavement- out come the steamrollers.”

    I thought they’d use garbage trucks like in Soylent Green.

  25. They should fire it from an oversized tommy gun, lik in “Bugsy Malone”.

  26. “I feel so funky.”

  27. Mmmmyeah, in a true large crowd situation, I can see a lot… a *lot* of broken bones as a result of this. Non-lethal? Yes. Safe? No. Hell no. Imagine running crowds over concrete staircases, balconies, fountains, planters, streets, curbs– you name it suddenly getting hit with this stuff and five hundred people crashing to the ground willy-nilly.

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