Are You Going to Amsterdam in August?



It's a day longer than the original Woodstock, there won't be all that mud, and Sha Na Na is definitely not invited (though welcome if they pay full fare and agree not to perform).

So come join the conversation in Amsterdam this August 23-26, as Reason talks about free speech, freedom, and much more with the likes of South Park auteurs Trey Parker and Matt Stone, Ur-blogger Andrew Sullivan, and former Estonian prime minister Mart Laar. Also on hand: Reason's own Jacob Sullum, Ronald Bailey, and your humble narrator.

Go here for details, including a constantly updated list of speakers, itinerary, accomodations, you name it.

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  1. Would love to go, but alas I have other plans. Good for Reason for doing this.

  2. Would love to, but my wife once made a change of flight plans due to illness and is now on a terrorist no fly list.

  3. Fuck off, Gillespie!!

  4. Not me. Everyone would be too clever.

    The only thing I could add would be body odour.

  5. Y’all should work in Tuchman’s title “The Guns Of August” somewhere.

  6. I can’t afford to go. But I would chip in a fiver to send Bowzer. It really looks like he needs a vacation where he can go and just chill.

  7. How about a cut rate for people willing to skip the dinner and the group activities? As is, the weekend would cost me a month’s rent.

  8. I got the flyer for this in the mail. Among the listed activities is something described as “cultural tours.”

    Got that? Cultural tours of Amsterdam with a bunch of libertarians?

    Does the travel package include penicillin and a rehab package?

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