Kenneth, What Was the Frequency?


Dan Rather has worn his last sweater-vest for CBS News, reports Reuters via And the "veteran newsman" (read: venerable laughingstock) did not go gentle into that good night (though he did, alas, spare us the antics of former co-anchor [read: ratings dead-weight] Connie Chung):

The 74-year-old Rather, who has complained of being virtually forgotten at CBS Corp. since his exit as anchor last year, six months after a discredited story on President Bush's military service, is considering an offer to do a weekly show at the HDNet high-definition network.

Dan Rather in HD? Truly a world of wonders. Courage, Dan, courage.

Back in 2004, long before he became a self-described mainstream media piss-ant, former Reasonite Matt Welch eulogized Diamond Dan thus:

He's a great character in an era that could always use more, and I'll certainly miss his inspired Election Night poetry slams. But journalism standard-bearer he is not, and never was.

As a philosopher once said, "if a frog had side pockets, he'd carry a handgun."

Whole Welch RIP here.

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  1. What I’ll always remember Rather for was his on-location coverage of the 1993 Mississippi floods — he started out wearing a tie and then he removed the tie the next week and then each week after that he would have one more button undone on his shirt. My parents and I were so relieved when the floods ended because we were concerned that if they had gone on much longer Rather would have been doing the newscasts shirtless.

  2. I had the pleasure to meet Dan Rather several times over a number of years and on every occasion he was a real gentleman. In person, Dan is extraordinarily personable, gracious and humble. He went out of his way to compliment or encourage. I am a proud fan of Dan Rather’s. He’d be the first to say everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  3. “He’d be the first to say everyone is entitled to their own opinion.”

    Some would argue he would be the first to say everyone is entitlted to there own facts.

  4. I have a GREAT idea for jump starting Rather’s career. Find the guys who beat him up while inventing R.E.M. lyrics and do a special. Obviously, he’d have to waive the charges (to the extent that he can still file a claim), unless he wanted to run his own America’s Most Wanted. That would be pretty cool, too. Each week, a different show on how Dan wants to hunt these bastards down.

  5. I hear NPR’s into hiring washed up old network news hacks.

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