Kenneth, What Was the Frequency?


Dan Rather has worn his last sweater-vest for CBS News, reports Reuters via And the "veteran newsman" (read: venerable laughingstock) did not go gentle into that good night (though he did, alas, spare us the antics of former co-anchor [read: ratings dead-weight] Connie Chung):

The 74-year-old Rather, who has complained of being virtually forgotten at CBS Corp. since his exit as anchor last year, six months after a discredited story on President Bush's military service, is considering an offer to do a weekly show at the HDNet high-definition network.

Dan Rather in HD? Truly a world of wonders. Courage, Dan, courage.

Back in 2004, long before he became a self-described mainstream media piss-ant, former Reasonite Matt Welch eulogized Diamond Dan thus:

He's a great character in an era that could always use more, and I'll certainly miss his inspired Election Night poetry slams. But journalism standard-bearer he is not, and never was.

As a philosopher once said, "if a frog had side pockets, he'd carry a handgun."

Whole Welch RIP here.