Archaic TPC Propaganda: Part 2


Last month I linked to Telezonia, a classroom movie cum psychedelic paean to the phone company. If you liked it, you might enjoy the other tribute to telephones that I haven't been able to forget since childhood: Sesame Street's "Telephone Rock."

Bonus Sesame Street link: Big Bird meets Johnny Cash.

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  1. Puts me in mind of They Might Be Giants dial-a-song

  2. Awww Jesse, c’mon, what about Cookie Mongoloid encore postage?

  3. and of course jesse totally forgets about the link i put up a week or two ago with these aliens who think telephones are the dominate species and try to talk to it.

    Sesame Street

  4. I would like to see Nine Inch Nails on Sesame Street.

    GROVER: Heeeyyyyyy Trent Reznor, baaaay-beeeeee! (runs up and whacks Trent Reznor in the back)
    Hello, Trent, little Nine Inch Naily pal!

    TRENT REZNOR: You’re blue and fuzzy.

    GROVER: Uh huh!

    TRENT REZNOR: Just like Cookie Monster.

    GROVER: Uh huh!

    TRENT REZNOR: Baaaang … Everything’s blue. Everything’s blue in this world. All fuzzy. Spilling out of my head. He couldn’t believe how easy it was. The deepest shade of mushroom blue. A lifetime of fucking things up, fixed. A lifetime of the deepest shade, all fuzzy, spilling …

    GROVER: Uh, Trent, are you depressed?

  5. Joshua: I missed that link when you posted it, but I remember the sketch well. My brother and I spent many an hour annoying my mom by imitating those Martians.

    Yep yep yep. Uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh.

  6. Sesame Street stuff is cool and all but I wish I could find stuff from the show “Villa Alegre” but have been unable to find only small mentions of it on the web and an entry in the IMDB. It was on sometime after “The Electric Company” and as I recall it had a pretty cool theme song.

  7. None of you here remember before plastic, coiled telephone receiver cords, do you?
    Man those black, hairy cords were scary.

    And the inhabitant of the Big Bird costume is pretty tight with me in a complicated way, so, be careful… as if I were easily offended.

  8. I was gonna make an idiotic joke about the proximity of the words “cum” and “movie”, but that Sesame Street movie was so cute that it made me ashamed.

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