Tonight, the way things look, I need a book by Sigmund Freud


For your viewing pleasure, here's the notorious Connie Chung singing signoff from her last show at MSNBC. If you're looking for snark, look elsewhere; I always enjoy Connie Chung's multimedia x-periments, and it's a small measure of cable's richness that the medium can handle both 24-hour news and a full-on Donizetti mad scene. My only beef is that the guy at the piano isn't really playing—which leaves the small-screen siren struggling, like Baby Jane Hudson, to fill up the silence of her own echoing mental universe. But even that may ultimately enhance the effect. I wish Connie and Mr. Chung the best in whatever they try next. One thing's for certain: When The Situation finally gets the axe, Tucker Carlson will have a high bar to clear.