Tonight, the way things look, I need a book by Sigmund Freud


For your viewing pleasure, here's the notorious Connie Chung singing signoff from her last show at MSNBC. If you're looking for snark, look elsewhere; I always enjoy Connie Chung's multimedia x-periments, and it's a small measure of cable's richness that the medium can handle both 24-hour news and a full-on Donizetti mad scene. My only beef is that the guy at the piano isn't really playing—which leaves the small-screen siren struggling, like Baby Jane Hudson, to fill up the silence of her own echoing mental universe. But even that may ultimately enhance the effect. I wish Connie and Mr. Chung the best in whatever they try next. One thing's for certain: When The Situation finally gets the axe, Tucker Carlson will have a high bar to clear.

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  1. Don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I remember always thinking she and MP were a mismatched couple, but certainly think so less after watching that.

    So what do you think…under the influence at all? Even just a teensy bit? I say yes.

  2. As bad as that was, it was pretty cruel to leave her singing acapella.

  3. Why was there a guy seated at the piano if he wasn’t going to play it? That was the weirdest fucking part to me. Am I missing some reference?

  4. Actually, the guy seemed to be playing the piano, it was just very poorly mic’d. Maybe she’s overly loud, or just a really crummy ambient microphone, but even when she moved it 3 inches away from her mouth the sound level dropped a long way, so I’m guessing you just couldn’t hear the piano on the recording.

  5. Eventually every person in the United States will have a short-lived show on MSNBC.

  6. Brian, I already had one a couple of years ago. All I have from that experience is a picture of me and the Pro Libertate Dancers–aka the Free Fems.

  7. You made me ruv you – I didn’t want to do it.

  8. I’m gouging out my eyes and puncturing my eardrums right now!

  9. Please please get that damn Coulter advertisement off the site. I’m very close to slitting my wrists and stabbing my f**king eyes out with a spoon.

  10. Zener – get it straight. You gouge your eyes out with spoons, not stab.

    Or you use Adblock.


  12. In the long history of visual entertainment, that’s got to be the lowest point achievable. Holy shit in a flaming doggy bag, that was bad.

    I may need therapy now.

  13. somehow the thought of tucker carlson in a sequined evening gown has it’s appeal.

    Not sure what the appeal is, but it’s there.

  14. Did she get up after that?

    Seriously, I gotta love anyone who can be so obviously lacking in self-seriousness. Refereshing to see a ‘celebrity’ exhibit the YouTube that’s in all of us.

  15. On the upside, I can now scratch “seeing Connie Chung wear a strapless dress and opera gloves while lying on a piano, kicking her legs in the air, and wiggling her butt in my directions” off my list of Fantasies I Need to Have Fulfilled.

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