One of "The 50 Best Magazines…" (Veiled Subscription Pitch)


I'm happy to announce that Reason has once again made the Chicago Tribune's annual list of "The 50 Best Magazines," this time charting at number 37:

The ideological conservatives have sharply raised their publishing game in recent years with the Weekly Standard and the National Review. Lesser-known but even more engaging is this monthly libertarian publication, which is especially good at putting the politically right-leaning to the test when it comes to a less-government-is-better ideology. How can you not want to read a story headlined "Blogging Bigmouths Botch Bomber Brouhaha" (on dumb conspiracy theories claiming Islanic terrorism inspired a University of Oklahoma suicide last year)?

Whole list here. Longtime readers may recall that we also made the list in 2003 (its first year) and 2004.

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