Painful Death Too Bad For Murderers


The U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously yesterday that the standard 3-drug cocktail used to execute most convicted murderers in America may cause them too much pain. Worrying overmuch about a few minutes pain possibly experienced by cold-blooded murderers seems excessively gracious to me. However, there is a handy solution–just inject convicted premeditated murderers with sufficient sodium pentothal so that they drift comfortably off to their just reward. It's vastly more consideration than they gave their victims.

Clarification/Correction: As commenter Adam correctly points out the Supremes did not decide that lethal injection is too painful. Instead the Court decided that convicted murderers may bring challenges to that method of execution on the basis that it might be too cruel. Lower courts will now decide this issue. My shorthand–"may cause them too much pain"–was supposed to signal that subsequent lower courts would rule on the issue but was too confusing.