Attn, DC Reasonoids: New Location for Wed., June 14, Happy Hour


Come join Reason staffers Ronald Bailey, West Coast Tim Cavanaugh, Kerry Howley, Dave Weigel, and yours truly at a happy hour next Wednesday, June 14, at Lucky Bar, 1221 Connecticut Ave, NW, at 6:30PM.

New Location: Buffalo Billiards, 1330 19th St NW, directly across the street from the South exit of the Dupont Circle Metro stop. The fun still starts at 6:30PM.

Among the honorees: Reason Senior Editor and Saying Yes: In Defense of Drug Use author Jacob Sullum, who is moving to Dallas at the end of the month (rest easy, faithful fans, Jacob is staying with Reason despite his new environs).

Also among the honored: former Reason intern Jeremy Lott, whose new book, In Defense of Hypocrisy, is in bookstores now.

And one-half (the better half, or inarguably the more responsive half) of Wonkette, Alex Pareene.

Other reasons to celebrate: The July issue, featuring a cover story about "The Politics of Sky-High House Prices," is out on newsstands, and Reason Online is up for a fistful of Southern California Journalism Awards, including best group blog and best news site (more details here).

We look forward to seeing you for a great evening of drinks and conversation. Bring a friend or three!

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  1. Synchronicity! I am wearing a Buffalo Billiards t-shirt this very morning. I have not lived in DC since 1993 and certainly haven?t been to BB since the late 1990?s. I live in New Mexico.

    Last time I was in DC (a couple of years ago) I could have sworn that BB was closed: now if I am not mistaken they?ve moved about a block???? I am pretty certain they used to be in the basement of this building that straddled the block between New Hampshire and Connecticut on the South side of Dupont Circle. (I worked in that very building in the 1980?s).

    Anyone can verify all this for me?

  2. Garth,

    It is still there but 19th street is between Conn Ave. and N.H.

    Been here 8 years as far as I know its always been in the same location.

  3. Garth,

    Right you are. & NH. They’re still in the same place. 19th is between Conn.

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