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Cookie Monster rocks hard.

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  1. Today’s study is brought to you by the letter c.

    A confocal microscope begins with the letter c but it is not as good as a cookie.

    The speed of light is denoted by the letter c, but it is also not as good as a cookie.

    A computer can accept a cookie, but you cannot eat that sort of cookie.

  2. I’ve heard death metal bands where the guys sing like that referred to as ‘yet another cookie monster band’. But I’ve never seen one embrace the concept. I guess even death metal has gone meta.

  3. I want a CO2 powered cookie cannon!

  4. It strikes me as a bit parodyoxical, unless of course they were walnut raisin oatmeal cookies.

  5. Death metal is a sometimes music.

  6. <threadjack>
    The new Islamic rulers of Somalia have wasted no time in emulating the Taleban:

    People in Mogadishu say an Islamist militia which has taken control of most of the city is preventing them from watching the football World Cup on TV.


  7. The music sucks! And it scared my 2 year old who loves Sesame Street.

  8. I dont know whats funnier, him rolling up on a bike, or the cannon.

    I might also reccomend the tune “Me lost lost me cookie in the moshpit”

  9. Some Cookie Monster bands:

    Cannibal Corpse
    Internal Bleeding

    Parodies like this one are way behind the times.

  10. Kinda funny if you imagine someone deciding to check out what a libertarian magazine is all about and so they come here, as Reason is a publication of considerable renowned. Then imagine that the first two threads that they happen to look at are this one and the “One-Minute Magazine: Something’s wrong with the Boy” thread…

    “Gosh, it seems that this libertarianism is quite an eclectic bouquet, to say the least…”

  11. Hi Geotech! Good to see you. Is it just me or have you been scarce around these parts of late?

  12. It’s not that it’s done well, it’s that it’s done at all.

  13. Geo: The fact that there are a lot of groups with “Cookie Monster” vocalists doesn’t mean the band is behind the times. If another band had already done the joke, that would put it behind the times.

  14. You know what this video needs? A shot of a girl in the audience, sitting on some dude’s shoulders, and lifting up her T-shirt to flash her “cookies” at the band.

  15. Stevo:

    Home Sweet Home

  16. Yeah! Motley Crue! I had an image from a specific 1980s MTV video in my head, but couldn’t recall the name of the song or the band.

  17. I prefer the Limp Bizkit parody, “All for the Cookie”

  18. Well, my point was really that the “Cookie Monster Vox” is and has been a joke in the metal scene for a long time.

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