Attn, DC Reasonoids: Come to a Reason Happy Hour Wed., June 14; Say So Long to Jacob Sullum and Hi to Special Guest Stars


Come join Reason staffers Ronald Bailey, West Coast Tim Cavanaugh, Kerry Howley, Dave Weigel, and yours truly at a happy hour next Wednesday, June 14, at Lucky Bar, 1221 Connecticut Ave, NW, at 6:30PM.

Among the honorees: Reason Senior Editor and Saying Yes: In Defense of Drug Use author Jacob Sullum, who is moving to Dallas at the end of the month (rest easy, faithful fans, Jacob is staying with Reason despite his new environs).

Also among the honored: former Reason intern Jeremy Lott, whose new book, In Defense of Hypocrisy, is in bookstores now.

And one-half (the better half, or inarguably the more responsive half) of Wonkette, Alex Pareene.

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  1. And which Reason staffer will take credit for “In Defense of Canned Book Titles”?

    Looking forward to seeing Sullum during my now monthly trips to DFW.


  2. Review of LUCKY BAR from the link: For Soccer its a DREAM! It’s a great pub…..that is if you like soccer. It has all the Premier League and Champions League games and the atmosphere is excellent.

    Sounds like a great place to chat with Reasonoids next Wednesday, given that there is nothing much going on in the soccer world right now.

    (BTW, is Mr. Sullum heading for Texas because of its notoriously libertarian policies regarding his favorite topic: controlled substances?)

  3. DALLAS?!?!?! While I knew you could get punished for drug use, I had no idea you could get punished for drug use defense!

  4. So is Mr. Sullum now going to convert to being one of those gun-toting libertarians?

  5. rest easy, faithful fans, Jacob is staying with Reason despite his new environs

    Ok, I’m better now. But I sure had a sinking feeling after I read that headline. Didya do that on purpose, Nick?

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