Pre-Spinning the Spin


Before the con-blog circle jerk does a collective mind-wipe, let me document that CNN did indeed today show footage of Iraqis dancing and celebrating the demise of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Must be some new plot by the MSM to report good news in order to make all the bad news stand out more.

And at The Washington Post—that's The Washington frickin' Post—the sage and vital William Arkin observes:

The hopeful view is that the death of this important commander and inspirational figure will deflate the terrorist influence in Iraq.

The cynical view is that this it is just another announcement of progress from the administration at a time when it is down and out.

Then there is the anti-everything view, the one that cannot recognize that Zarqawi was a real foreign terrorist in Iraq, there to foment chaos and death. The anti-everything view cannot see beyond loathing for the war and for all things Bush to recognize an achievement, even if it is only a little step.

A-ha! A "little step." More negative spin from the MSM. Indeed.