We're Number One!


Roll over Oprah, and tell Kelly Ripa the news: The World Wide Web (the graphical and multimedia portion of the Internet) is now America's queen of daytime infotainment. A new study by the Online Publishers Association (a group that is hopelessly confused about singular/plural distinctions in the second declension) concludes:

The unprecedented observational research tracked the real-time media use of 350 people, recording their actual activities every 15 seconds. The results show that the Web is now clearly a mass media—ranking right alongside other major media when it comes to reach and duration of use. And when it comes to at-work media use, the study found that the Web clearly dominates (with 54.6% reach, compared to television's 21.1%), and is the only medium that ranks among the top two at both work and home.

Don't get too excited: As it was in the beginning of the web, your employees are just looking at porn.

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