Attn, DC Readers: Hollywood vs. Businessmen, Tonight at Nat Press Club


TCS Daily presents:

The Creative Class vs. Capitalism: How Hollywood Portrays Business and Commerce

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

National Press Club—Holeman Lounge


They'll be wondering "How Hollywood Portrays Business and Commerce" and the panelists include Michael Medved, James Pinkerton, Lanny Davis, and Dan Gainor. More info–including a picture of Medved's animatronic mustache–here.

One question: Will there be a moment of silence for Quinn Martin, who did so much to define the American businessman as the sort of guy who didn't let his nemesis leave that parking garage alive?

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  1. Let’s make that two moments of silence for Quinn, who gave us Quincy (just the greatest medical examiner show ever!), Barnaby Jones (the Gilligan’s Island of private dick series, one of the most ridiculed shows ever), and launched the on-screen career of William Conrad, surely the only fat actor to star in three prime-time series (Cannon, Nero Wolfe, and Jake and the Fatman).

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