“When people worry about curing too many things, I’m always glad that bioethics wasn’t around when people were thinking about infectious diseases or polio or yellow fever.”

â€"Laurie Zoloth, director of the Center for Bioethics, Science, and Society at Northwestern University, quoted in the March 12 New York Times

“Fuck you. Strong letter to follow.”

â€"Doug Thompson, publisher of Capitol Hill Blue, responding on March 6 to an FBI national security letter demanding traffic data, payment records, and other information about his Web site

“You don’t need to buy a $7 billion company to penetrate maritime security. The Mafia doesn’t buy FedEx to smuggle.”

â€"James Carafano of the Heritage Foundation, during a March 2 congressional hearing on the Dubai Ports deal

“We are not trying to pit neighbor against neighbor. We’re trying to do this in the least punitive and least disruptive way.”

â€"Calabasas, California,Mayor Barry Groveman, defending a new ordinance that authorizes lawsuits, fines, and jail sentences for outdoor smoking,quoted in the January 21 Los Angeles Times