"When people worry about curing too many things, I'm always glad that bioethics wasn't around when people were thinking about infectious diseases or polio or yellow fever."

'"Laurie Zoloth, director of the Center for Bioethics, Science, and Society at Northwestern University, quoted in the March 12 New York Times

"Fuck you. Strong letter to follow."

'"Doug Thompson, publisher of Capitol Hill Blue, responding on March 6 to an FBI national security letter demanding traffic data, payment records, and other information about his Web site

"You don't need to buy a $7 billion company to penetrate maritime security. The Mafia doesn't buy FedEx to smuggle."

'"James Carafano of the Heritage Foundation, during a March 2 congressional hearing on the Dubai Ports deal

"We are not trying to pit neighbor against neighbor. We're trying to do this in the least punitive and least disruptive way."

'"Calabasas, California,Mayor Barry Groveman, defending a new ordinance that authorizes lawsuits, fines, and jail sentences for outdoor smoking,quoted in the January 21 Los Angeles Times