140 Years of Solitude


If the impending election of Eliot Spitzer in the Empire State hasn't convinced you that evil will always triumph over good, then contemplate this on the tree of woe:

Ditching the cigars but not the army fatigues, Cuban leader Fidel Castro leads a life that guarantees he'll live more than a century, according to his doctor.

"He is going to live 140 years," said Dr. Eugenio Selman, who heads the 120 Years Club that promotes healthy habits for the elderly.

And here I've always marveled that El Jefe has survived every president going back to Eisenhower. But knowing that he'll outlast President Rodham Clinton, President Abramoff, President Jenna Bush, Presidents Hilton, Timberlake, and Longoria, and even President "Skip" bin Laden, well, maybe I should go ahead with that plan for terraforming Mars I've been kicking around…