London's Burning: Burning With Brian Doherty, That Is…


Attn, London Reasonoids: Reason Senior Editor and This Is Burning Man author Brian Doherty will be appearing via video link in your town tomorrow, discussing the annual Burning Man festival, "Burner culture," and everything related to that (with the possible exception of Bunsen burners). Details:

51 Weeks' Burning: An exploration and celebration of Burner culture beyond Burning Man

Burning Man is famous for attracting 35,000 individuals every year, who come together to build a city and spend a week in a temporary community based upon the principles of radical self expression, radical self reliance, no commodification and leave no trace. Perhaps more impressive, however, is the world wide community that has grown around this event: a community which comes together not only to help and support each other in the logistically difficult task of preparing to spend a week in one of the world's most hostile environments, but also strive to keep the principles of the event alive for the rest of the year.

51 Weeks' Burning is an evening of celebration of this community, and discussion of why this community exists and what it does. …

£5 entry. June 2nd, 7:30pm, at The Horse Hospital, Colonnade, nr Russell Square, London WC1N 1HX

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