25 Years Ago in Reason


"The Public Cryptography Study Group has given the National Security Agency what it wants: a recommendation that research on secret codes be screened by the NSA before publication."
'"Robert Poole, "Editor's Notes"

"Richard Pryor has a real comic flair, and in Stir Crazy he plays a kind of cross between the Good Soldier Schweik and the loser-with-an-instinct-for-survival who starred in Seven Beauties."
'"John Hospers, "Movies"

"Great Britain's once-promising experiment with enterprise zones is a flop.…By the time the plan wended its way through the bureaucracy, all that remained of the deregulation was a minor reduction in some local zoning requirements and some tax reductions, for up to 10 years."

"Better Homes & Gardens and Robotics Age can be sent via home computers. Now you can see how it's only natural that, once Ma Bell gets involved in computers for switching, she would also want to get involved in computers for word and data processing."
'"William J. Bahr, "Dial 'D' for Deregulation"