Thong-Clad Lady Liberty To Illegals: "Kiss My American Ass!"


John Kasich, you've got your next guest for your Columbus, Ohio-based Fox News show From the Heartland. His name is Art Bollinger, he lives in Toledo, and he's just made a bold statment against illegal immigrants by putting a knockoff of the Statue of Liberty in his yard:

From the front, you can see the Statue of Liberty. From behind, it shows Lady Liberty's behind, in a thong bikini. The nearby sign says "Kiss my American Ass."

Bollinger tells News 11 he will accept anyone into this country as long as they come here legally, but he has no patience for those who sneak in. "You don't have rights. You are here illegally," said Bollinger of the people who cross the border without permission. "If I break the law, I go to prison. You break the law and the American government says they'll kiss your behind. No. That's ridiculous."…

Bollinger says his wife is from Russia and he had to jump through all kinds of hoops and pay for the process of her becoming a US citizen. He feels everyone else should do the same.

Whole thing here.

Bollinger's neighbors–indeed, the world–are doubtless waiting to see his take on this in-yer-face pose by Uncle Sam.