Kennedy Korner


A conservative group called Public Advocate set up some sobriety checkpoints last weekend:

Checkpoints on Capitol Hill in Washington to protect citizens against Senator Edward "Ted" Kennedy (D-Ma.) or Congressman Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I.) resulted in no impaired drivers named Congressman or Senator Kennedy being stopped this weekend.

"Citizen volunteers have responded to the call and we have erected checkpoints at several intersections to prevent any Kennedy from driving in an impaired manner on Capitol Hill," said Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio. "We selected the long Memorial Day weekend due to the increased potential for a repeat of earlier car accidents."….

Public Advocate designed the checkpoints to raise public awareness and to discourage impaired driving by Senator Ted Kennedy or Congressman Patrick Kennedy. The ultimate goal is to ensure the roads are safe for all motorists by achieving voluntary compliance of the drinking and driving laws by all Kennedys in Congress.

According to the same press release, Public Advocate "has been fighting for the American family for over 25 years." And what does an elaborate Kennedy joke have to do with fighting for the family? Nothing, of course, but that's true of most of what they do, so you can't say it's out of character.

Meanwhile, Clark Stooksbury quotes a funnier Kennedy joke, from the late Eugene McCarthy:

Jack used to tell you lies. Bobby told lies about you. And Teddy lies about himself. Now, is there a moral progression here of any kind?