From Beltway Bungler to Oldest Rookie: Charles Moose's American Odyssey


Who says there are no fourth acts in American life? John Allen Muhammad's second conviction brings with it an even stranger update on the Inspector Javert of the Beltway Sniper panic. Former Montgomery County Police Chief Charles Moose is going back on the beat. The greatest cop/multimedia impresario since Jack Webb began training with the Honolulu police academy at the beginning of this month. As the Honolulu Star Bulletin reported:

Sandy Herman Moose said her husband has ordered his recruit uniform and continues to work out daily to prepare his 52-year-old body for the physical rigors of the Honolulu Police Academy training, which begins its next recruit class May 1.

"He's in good shape; he started a yoga and Pilates class with me," Sandy Moose said yesterday during a phone interview from the couple's Ewa Beach home. "He used to be a bodybuilder and still does the traditional training…weightlifting and running."

Video interview with cadet Moose, who says he wants to go back out on the street, T.J. Hooker-style. Paul Sorvino played The Oldest Rookie back in the Reagan era. Maybe the media-savvy Moose can get Reginald VelJohnson to take over the role in a Moosetastic remake. Reason pays tribute to Noggin mascot Moose A. Moose here.

Thanks to Mark Coleman.