One good word for our public schools


I'm informed by my brother "Sanford" that my visaless exchange article has been reprinted in the newspaper of my childhood and youth, The Atlantic City Press*, but I find no evidence on the Press' own site. I am also informed that Reason fave Michelle Malkin's column is regularly syndicated in the Press and that her bio line identifies Malkin as a graduate of regional Holy Spirit High School, but that my own line fails to tag me as a graduate of Atlantic City High School.

While I retain few fond memories of ACHS, I am proud of having graduated The High School (and I mean The High School, the now-demolished bombproof castle on Albany Avenue, not the cushy new palace on the Black Horse Pike). I'm also content to have avoided attending Holy Spirit. So upon my prodigal return, I will not carp that it is Malkin who gets the fatted calf. Instead I rejoice that two South Jerseyans have returned to infuriate our own people.

* Clarification of exaggeration: My paper was the Atlantic City Daily Tribune, for which I was gainfully employed throughout the two weeks of its existence.