A Whole New Spiked!


The excellent Brit web site Spiked has gotten a makeover. Check out the new look here and read honcho Mick Hume's rationale for it all here.

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  1. Um, it doesn’t have anything to do with SpikeTV, does it??

  2. Waiting for the inevitable lawsuit from Spike Lee for the impropper use of his name in connection to the name “Spiked”.

  3. Waiting for the inevitable lawsuit from Spike Lee for the impropper use of his name in connection to the name “Spiked”.

  4. It used to be called “Living Marxism”??? Is this some wacko 5th column org, Gillespie?

  5. Greg – no – I read them regularly and for the most part – usually – they’re libetarian(ishy) in their social and political views but their economic views do sometimes warp left. I particularly loved a column not too long ago about the “hidden” rural poor – folks in the midwest and the upper northwest who have lost jobs in the wake of disappearing industry, etc. Many of the folks have dealt with joblessness by – if you can believe it – going out and starting their own businesses, or working several part time jobs, or stuff like that. Oddly enough, many did not seem eager for the gummint to give them money. The article’s writer was perplexed, and moved to pity, that people thought their recovery lay in market forces rather than government programs.

    Damn. Now want to read article again – I’ll be right back with it.

  6. double damn. not there anymore – it was entitled “the hidden face of america’s poor” and it was a howler (not the poor people, of course – just the writer’s grasp of economic realities).

    Still, they do some good stuff. One of their current articles is by a pregnant woman insisting on her right to an epidural – spot on and funny.

  7. Do they have snakes in England? I always feel like there’s one trying to bite me when I read that site.

  8. I popped over there and the top headline catches my eye. ‘Europe to Crack Down on Passive Drinking Say Leaked Report’.
    OK, this site is some sort of British version of The Onion. I start reading. Wow, this British humor really is dry. I was a full paragraph in before the horror dawned on me that this is a serious news site. Gotta love the EU.

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