Paramount on Trek XI: Make It So


If you've been following the rumors about wonderboy director J.J. Abrams' plan to make Star Trek XI, you know that Abrams and his team claim to be working on a new movie for the franchise. Paramount Pictures, which owns the Trek franchise, has not confirmed that…until now! Doing phone calls for my upcoming 40th Trek birthday dilithium explosion, I just got a Paramount spokesperson to confirm that the movie is in the works.

I saw the Abrams joint M:I:3 a few weeks ago, and while there wasn't anything in it you hadn't seen a million times, it was a fairly intelligent piece of directing. I've never seen a full episode of either Lost or Alias. So if anybody's going to take the old grey Enterprise out for one more voyage, it might as well be J.J.

Contemplate that on the tree of woe, and wonder what kind of ion storm could have transported you to this universe where there have been ten Star Trek movies.