All We Do Is Talk, Static Split Screens


Earlier this week, I recorded an episode of Blogging Heads TV with my friend and fellow pale-as-hell-political-writer-with-a-Hispanic-last-name, Matt Yglesias. (In keeping with whatever perverse principle required the first couple generations of ska bands to include some pun involving "ska" in their names, they're calling these "diavlogs.") Alas, our discussion was aborted due to technical difficulties just as we were getting to the planned topics on which I'm actually quasi-competent to comment (NSA wiretapping, my marriage article, and political indie rock lyrics), but if you want to hear me grope my way through a conversation on net neutrality and immigration, check it out.

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  1. First one to catch the Metric song reference!!

    What do I win? (Besides the satisfaction of being a pathetic hipster)

  2. Damn. I just noticed you had already linked to those very song lyrics. I didn’t cheat, though, for what it’s worth. I saw the link afterward.

  3. Metric is awful.

  4. Metric is awful.

    Correction: The new album is awful. The previous one had a couple good new wave songs on it.

  5. I never understood why so many reasonable writers (whom I usually understand and respect) call Matthew “Fuck the small businessman” Yglesias a “friend,” or offer him more respect than one would offer the next guy.

    I mean, he’s such a peevish little douche.

  6. Um, I call him “my friend” because… he’s my friend. He lives two blocks from me; it’s not some creepy DC/journalism figure of speech. He’s a good, intellectually honest guy, and even the views he holds that I think are misguided or wrong are well thought out. I can’t think of anything more tedious than making political agreement some kind of litmus test for who you like. You’d probably like him too if you went out for a drink or something.

  7. Juilan as a fellow smoker watching you in this video drove me to smoke about 3 cigs in 15 minutes. Its 1:55 AM so now I will be all wired. DAMN you 😉 Kidding aside reminded me of old 70’s TV show were people went on talk shows and just lit up. If you did that on FOX CNN or MSNBC you would of had more hate mail for that than any of your views.

  8. Well, fair enough, Julian. But I have plenty of collectivist friends (I live in Manhattan, FFS), and none (in their spoken words, political or otherwise) display the hauteur that so reliably finds its way into Yglesias’ writing.

    In other words, if the written Yglesias and the spoken Yglesias have much in common, I find it exceedingly difficult to believe that I’d enjoy having a drink in his company.

    I could be all wet, of course.

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