The Lighter Side of Man-Made Global Warming


Climatologist (and longtime source) Roy Spencer's EcoEnquirer site is doing for global warming what The Onion does for just about everything else. Sample headlines: "Speculators Push Arctic Sea Ice to $20 per Ton," "Pristine Alaskan Glacier Turns Into Tropical Wasteland," and "Environmental Education Stressing American Students."

For an MSM assessment see this Washington Post article.

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  1. OK, that’s funny. I don’t care who you are.

  2. I can see the humor, Envirowackos do provide decent source material; but The Onion is funnier.

  3. well done thoreau, and quite bold. i’ll help you out and point out to the many who probably already dont know:
    he’s parodying larry the cable guy

    … i hope

  4. Sam,

    I perfer to call them enviro-paranoics.

  5. I guess there could be a whole classing system for them:
    Generally puts environmental quality over other policies; their capacity to reason calmy and take legal non-violent action actually makes them rarer than it seems.

    Use environemntalists argument to grab fascist-like control; offshoot of the Stalin Style Communist community. Control Freaks; Tends to blow things up.

    Their hearts are with the Environmentalists, but they really don’t think straight. Chains themselves to Trees, only too be eaten by passing bears etc. Usually a vegan, and hasn’t taken a bath in a while.

    The environment is just the latest paranoia fad. It it werent this it would be space meteors or something…anything. They don’t do much exccept scream..

    Environmental scientist:
    Most qualified to speak on the subject. But not very good at speaking; and tends to use qualifiers when they do. While not easily confused, confuses easily and unintentionally.

    Green Consumer:
    Buys stuff with ‘green’ labels on them. Only slightly less dumb as other common consumers. If they were smarter, their efforts would be truly worth something, …but then they would be claissified as

    Environmental consumer:
    What the green consumer isn’t, smart. Increasingly less rare.

    Green Politiciian:
    …a politician. (even if they do care and are knowledgable, they are still what they are)

  6. Was anyone surprised to find that the guy behind the site “earns a little bit of money” writing at Tech Central Station?

  7. Ron, I enjoyed thesse too. Now if only we can get a libertarian to parody the fear-mongering (fear of enviros) of the professional climate “skeptics”, such as Michaels, Christy, Crichton and others …

  8. Wow Sam I think you have the makings of a book there.

  9. It is not Onion funny, but the environmentalist running over the family of endangered squirrels at the solar plant was pretty damn funny.

  10. “Was anyone surprised to find that the guy behind the site “earns a little bit of money” writing at Tech Central Station?”



    After the last thread Ron posted wherein he attempted to post something funny, I’m shocked that the man is even trying any more.

  11. Good point, Tim. You other folks here realize that good Dr. Spencer is believer in Intelligent Design, as noted in his article at TCS Daily?

    In his mind, those accepting evolution are also engaging in an act of religious-like belief, not science. It’s no small wonder he makes the same argument about those who have now drunk the Kool Aid on the fact of ongoing warming (like Ron Bailey) and feel we should be thinking about policy (other than to continue to cave into special interests and accept the status quo of public subsidies to GHG producers).

    What’s special about Spencer is that he is a denialist driven in part by FAITH, although perhaps he shares the same fear of environmentalists as his also discredited colleague John Christy.

    But we can suppose that Ron was already aware of Spencer’s views on Intelliegent Design?

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