Why Is Tonight Unlike All Other Nights?


Oliver North blasts that wicked, politically correct MSM for insisting on maintaining an insidious omerta about the fact that today—Saturday, May 20—is Armed Forces Day. And a Google News search for "Armed Forces Day" only yields just under 350 hits, mostly in local papers noting city- or country-level parades or celebrations. But the conspiracy actually runs much deeper than Ollie suspects. It turns out that even President Bush is in thrall to the PC practice of ignoring AFD: His May 20 radio address not only failed to focus on the brave men and women currently serving in the military, it didn't even get a mention. Bush talked about immigration instead. Nothing on the White House news page either. The Weekly Standard's blog? Nope. (The Corner does limp in with a six-word post, though.)

So how about this: Instead of exploiting the occasion to rehearse the "liberal media bias" litany, why not just acknowledge that, like a lot of other "official" holidays, AFD just never really caught on with the general public all that much, and encourage people to start celebrating it more? Anyway, from this member of the almost-sort-of-mainstream libertarian media: Thanks to all those serving.