Warp Factor Fabulous


Sploid–the most excellent site whose motto is "news with a tabloid mentality"–has broken a story that will send nerds all over the galaxy scurrying at Warp Factor 6 to NYC come October:

Virgins everywhere are smashing their piggy banks to see where they stand; an auction of Star Trek memorabilia has been announced for the fall….

The collection will tour Star Trek conventions around the world before going on the block in New York from October 5 through 7.

The most expensive item, estimated at $15,000, will be a replica of Captain Kirk's chair built for the series "Deep Space 9." Others may opt for a pair of phasers….

The piece that will no doubt have the drag queens hocking their extra wigs will be an actual uniform once worn by Lieutenant Uhura. Sadly, she wasn't wearing it for TV's first inter-racial kiss.

The ultimate piece of Star Trek memorabilia sold to date was William Shatner's kidney stone, which sold for $25,000 in last year.

Whole thing, written in prose as compact and powerful as a fistful of dilithium crystals, here.

For a funkified, not-to-be-missed Star Trek promo for a mega-40th-anniversary DVD collection of the original series, go here.

The show debuted in September 1966 and the long cultural shadow it continues to throw like a Klingon Cloaking Device will be the subject of a very special essay by Reason's own resident red-shirt-wearing web editor, Tim Cavanaugh, in the August-September issue. (So subscribe now!)

Me, I'm waiting for the TJ Hooker auction. I'll pay up to $3 Canadian for the Santa Claus beard Shatner wore in one of that show's memorable episodes (which they all were).