JS Mill's Bicentennial Bash (BYO Lifestyle)


The folks at Catallarchy are celebrating Mr. On Liberty, on the occasion of what should have been his 200th birthday if only those experiments in living had worked better.

Today at Catallarchy, we will be celebrating, in our own small way, Mill's enduring legacy. In honor of the day, Catallarchy has brought together liberals of a variety of stripes that we may explore together Mill's contributions to our shared commitments.

Crash the party here.

More Mill praise here.

Quick question: What would Jon Stewart Mill think about utilitarianism?

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  1. I’m guessing he would say it sucked, because Jon Stewart says everything sucks. Why does a Harvard grad get paid $5 million a year for recycling Beavis and Butthead gags, or have I answered my own question?

  2. Did Jon Stewart steal your girlfriend, Alan?

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