One More Year In Arlen


Good news for fans of sharp satire and Strickland Propane: Reports of King of the Hill's demise have been greatly exaggerated.

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  1. Man, hey, gosh dang man, that dag gone ol King of the Hill man its as sweet as a 79 Camera, I tell ya what, man.

  2. Quick, witty, and shamefully underrated. Like most, I failed to appreciate its subtlety before paying attention to the dialogue.

    “Boston? That’s in Taxachusetts, ain’t it. Say hello to Willy Horton for me…he’s teaching in your kindergarten.”

  3. I still think it jumped the shark when Dale’s wife quit cheating on him.

  4. I was converted late– but now I love the show. Glad to hear it’ll be around for a few more years.

  5. Just one more year, alas.

  6. A kid went to my high school who looked just like a brown-haired Bobby Hill. It was creepy.
    Oh, and by the way, I also find the show underrated.

  7. Of course, episodes will only air on Sundays when an NFL game doesn’t go more than 30 seconds over the 3 hours allotted by the geniuses in programming, or the post-game commentators decide to ad-lib about Howie Long’s haircut.
    The good news is at today’s Fox Upfront they announced that War at Home, moves to 9:30, meaning glorious Fox animation shall run unimpeded in a solid block.

  8. Going out on a limb: Simpsons, South Park, good. Family guy, decent. King of the Hill, Drawn Together, Mind of Mencia, abominable.

  9. KOTH has one of my all-time favorite TV moments: Boomhauer conversing with Bob Dylan…

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