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Prodded by a lawsuit from Judicial Watch, the Bush administration has finally released photos and video of the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon. The too-long delay created a vacuum filled by various nut balls, such as French author Thierry Meyssan, who claimed a truck bomb and not an airliner actually hit the Pentagon.

As for the theory that Flight 93 really landed in Cleveland—well, nothing can help the folks who believe that.

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  1. Wait, the shadow from that parking card dispenser indicates it’s closer to 9:36 am than 9:37 am. And why haven’t those orange cones moved as a result of the explosion? And come to think of it the explosion has a suspicious amount of magenta in it. (We know from the Iron City report that the Pentagon already has working copies of Photoshop 9.0!).

    I smell a rat…

  2. Tim – just wait for the “internet (research) Photoshop 9.0 experts” come out of the woodwork!

    and the Hopkins Airport experts 🙂


  3. Has anyone found the vid online yet? Judicial Watch was supposed to have it, but their site looks to be overloaded.

  4. Nevermind. Duh. Follow the H&R link, of course.

  5. Yeah, sorry about taking so long. But those renders were seriously time-intensive. Do you have any idea how processor intensive the Global Illumination effects are?

  6. Actually, flight 93 crashed into Cleveland, not landed. I mean, have you seen that town?

    (with all love to Clevelanders)

  7. Why can’t I see the stars in the background? And the Pentagon seems to be casting two shadows.

  8. Hey, linguist, I answered your question in the “What Would Jesus Rap?” thread. Without reposting my two comments here, let me just say that it turns out a bunch of Enlightenment thinkers (mostly on the Continent, of course, with names like Voltaire, Diderot, Descartes, Bossuet), were Jesuit trained. Go figure.

    And no, I’m neither French nor Catholic. I just find it interesting. I wonder if some Jesuits had a little Deist streak going before the Enlightenment? Hmmm.

  9. PL, thanks for the info! I’m genuinely curious about that…I’ll read the other thread.

  10. Be careful, linguist. . .it’s, it’s in the Archive. Few return who venture there.

  11. “As for the theory that Flight 93 really landed in Cleveland — well, nothing can help the folks who believe that.”

    If they said Detroit, they might have a point. They could even claim it was covered up with reports of “riots”.

  12. No, no, not Detroit! ANYTHING but Detroit!

  13. I have seen exactly those same stills in a pro-conspiracy video… I don’t think I am crazy, but I have my doubts about the official account.

  14. I just think the explosion looks rather small for such a large plane. And the frames per second are so slow, you barely get to see the jet smashing into the Pentagon.

    I hate to be a conspiracy nut (got over that as I got older), but a lot of the evidence at the Pentagon looks fishy.

  15. My office mate (a retired ex Air Force officer) told me shortly after 9/11 that the jet flew directly over his car, while he was sitting in traffic that morning. He was about 100 yards from the Pentagon at the time. He said he remembers thinking about how low the jet was flying and he remembers the flash, but no sound.

    I’ve driven past that same spot many times and can only imagine the horror he saw. I only saw the smoke from a distance and it spooked the hell out of me.

    I have no doubts to the veracity of his story. He has never been one to lie nor exaggerate about anything. The punch line to all of it was that he used to have an office in the part that was destroyed.

  16. I dunno about eyewitness reports anymore, not even my own. I would swear that I saw sheets of paper fluttering down when the plane hit the second tower. But I was about a mile away; you can’t see an 8.5×11″ sheet of paper from a mile away…can you?

  17. Ok, I know for a fact that sometime in the week after 9/11 that I saw that exact same footage, in slow-mo frame by frame (since it’s choppy security footage) on one of the news nets. Why is it such an amazing thing that this has been released? Somebody had this years ago. Did the government take CNN’s copy back or something?

    I expected something new and dramatic that they were hiding, and instead got something I had already seen labled as something new and dramatic.

    Does anyone else remember seeing this previously, or am I just crazy?

  18. I remmeber seeing the footage. The tin-foil hat crowd was going on about a missle then too.

  19. Does anyone else remember seeing this previously, or am I just crazy?

    This is old footage that was available years ago. I don’t know why it’s such a big deal that it’s been “released” now. It’s also part of this flash-animation piece that a conspiracy-guy coworker sent to me a couple years back. It may not be a convincing conspiracy essay, but the soundtrack is very cool:

  20. BTW, the videos on YouTube are spawning the predictable conspiracy-theory postings. “Did you know that eighteen BILLION witnesses reported seeing George Bush cackling with glee as he pushed a big red button right before the towers came down? Why doesn’t the media report this?” Blah, blah, blah.

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