Catholic Schools Fire Teacher Over IVF Baby


French teacher Kelly Romenesko was fired by two Roman Catholic schools one month after she became pregnant using in vitro fertilization. This is a big no-no in Catholic doctrine which states the only non-sinful way to give birth to new believers is by conventional means practiced between married men and women. She is now suing for back wages on the grounds that the schools violated Wisconsin's employment anti-discrimination regulations.

While I strongly sympathize with her plight, Romenesko did sign a contract promising that she would act in accordance with Caltholic doctrine. Consequently, I think that the schools have the right to fire her on the grounds that she breached her contract and the courts should throw her case out. Disturbingly, she claims that other people involved with schools did not suffer simiiliar consequences when they resorted to IVF. If true, I hope that the school officials remember that Dante consigned hypocrites to the 8th Circle of Hell condemning them to walk in lead-lined cloaks for eternity. Meanwhile Romenesko is doing what Americans have done for centuries when they don't like a particular denomination's doctrines–she's going to another church–in this case a Lutheran one.