It's Not Who You Come With, It's Who Takes You Home


A Cape Cod high school is running criminal background checks on prom dates:

Eckert and Roderick are two of at least six [Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School] seniors whose dates cannot attend Saturday night's prom at the Cape Codder Resort in Hyannis because records checks revealed their dates had some type of criminal history…

To purchase tickets, students interested in bringing non-D-Y dates had to submit a consent form signed by both the D-Y student and guest as well as guardians for both. They also had to provide the school with their dates' driver's licenses so photocopies could be made.

This is just common sense: Prom flicks teach us that every good prom ends in murder. Or a successful makeover. Other fun tips for the most romantic night of your life:

In addition to background checks for non-D-Y students, there is a restriction preventing any guests aged 21 or older from attending the prom…. The school also randomly selects students to take an alcohol breath test at the door.