Thought Experiment: What Can't a Kennedy Get Away With?


A little birdy (no, not one of LBJ's daughters) sent me this Goofus and Gallant comparison regarding the Kennedys.

The first bit is from the Wash Post and details just how little effect Rep. Patrick Kennedy's recent drug-and/or-booze-enhance crash is likely to have on the his political future:

Now the good news for Kennedy: The voters of Rhode Island—including [Michael] Rossi [a Pawtucket nurse]—also don't seem to care.

"It's a separate issue," said Rossi, who said he will remain a Kennedy supporter. "He's got maybe an alcohol problem. That doesn't make him a bad representative."

Similar stories were told again and again across Kennedy's district, which covers a swath of suburbs, strip malls and run-down mill towns around the northern and eastern borders of the state. From Pawtucket to Woonsocket, the six-term representative's sins were often forgiven almost before they were admitted, and by people who said they were motivated by his hard work, his power or just the traditional indulgence granted to Kennedys in this region.

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The second bit is from Reason's shockingly–read: "as refreshing as a piece of Orbit gum"–foul-mouthed 1997 interview with Drew Carey, in which Ohio's funniest comedian since Rep. Jim Traficant tells a really dirty Kennedy joke:

Reason: Prohibition also leads to another topic: the Kennedys. In an earlier draft of your book, you had an entire chapter devoted to that brood. What is it that you hate about them?

Carey: There were a lot of questions about language in the book. I said, "Look, give me some of the bad language, and I'll take out the whole Kennedy chapter." Plus, the publisher wasn't sure it would pass the lawyers. I read in USA Today that a Kennedy has never lost an election in Massachusetts. I wrote about what it would take for a Kennedy to lose one: They bust into a bank, pistol whip the manager, fuck the teller up the ass, take turns posing for pictures. And nobody would say a thing: "Those Kennedy's are great, aren't they? I can't believe a Kennedy fucked me up the ass!" They can get away with anything.

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Howard Stern–remember him?–on the Kennedy Clan's women (scroll down).

Update: Patrick Kennedy Injured By Flying Hammer

Tip: Reader Paul Strigler, who notes, "I don't think this requires any comments."