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The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), which promotes what it calls a "low-immigration vision," has published the results of a new poll. The Center claims the survey, conducted by Zogby for CIS, proves Americans prefer the draconian round-'em-up-and-send-'em-back House immigration bill to the Senate bill 2-to-1. I'm not so sure.

The survey gave brief descriptions of the bills, and the House description excludes that bill's most contentious provisions. The House bill is described as "trying to reduce the number of illegal immigrants in the country by enforcing immigration laws, and making illegal immigrants go home over time, with no increase in legal immigration." The Senate version is described as "granting eventual citizenship to illegal immigrants, coupled with a doubling of legal immigration from 1 million to 2 million a year and increased enforcement of immigration laws."

Both bills are "trying to reduce the number of illegal immigrants in the country." Why is that language only included in the description of the House bill? The House bill is described as "enforcing immigration laws," as it if it were simply an effort to enforce existing provisions rather than a drastic change in the severity of the offense. As it's written, the bill would make it a felony to "assist" an illegal immigrant or to be one. (It's currently a misdemeanor to cross the border illegally and a civil violation to overstay a visa.)

Tellingly, the poll never asks whether Americans think being or helping an illegal immigrant should be a felony. Perhaps that's because a majority do not.

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  1. At least this crew is pretty open about their racism. (“Low-immigration” = “Fewer people who look, smell and talk funny”)

  2. That’s a pretty disingenuous description of the the CNN poll…

  3. I didn’t look into the linked poll, but a CNN poll from 4/3 asked whether people wanted to “make it illegal for organizations such as churches or charities to provide food and medical care to illegal immigrants”.

    Obviously, that question makes the same error regarding HR44337 as the post does: the aid would need to be provided recklessly or knowingly. Simply giving an illegal alien a glass of water won’t work, and very very few humanitarian groups have been prosecuted under our highly similar current laws.

    As for the latest Zogby poll, here’s something even the most daft “libertarian” should take notice of:

    “2 percent of Americans believe current immigration is too low”

    That’s “two”, as in twice the number of fingers I use when refering to Reason.

  4. The Mexicans must truly torment our man Wacko. He is one of those guys about whom I wonder what the world looks like through his mind’s eye.

    To dedicate so much time to saving us from … Mexico?

  5. i’m sure reason thanks your for the supportive thumbs up!

  6. the argument about immigration is soooo dumb


    It is so dumb, it always draws a *blank*…

    Jason – it’s his way of dealing with his problem, namely his two (BOLD 2 /BOLD) fingers keep falling asleep when he tries to spank…

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