"Go back to Italy you *&^%&&^% WOP"!

Viewers respond to Reason Editor Nick Gillespie's recent O'Reilly Factor appearance


On Tuesday, May 2, Reason Editor-in-Chief Nick Gillespie appeared on Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor with Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) to debate the legislator's recent Senate resolution that the Pledge of Allegiance and the national anthem "should be recited or sung in English." Gillespie, whose paternal grandparents emigrated from Ireland and whose maternal grandparents emigrated from Italy, argued that Alexander's resolution was not only a waste of time but an affront to freedom of expression.

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And for a representative sampling of the emails Gillespie–a.k.a. "*&^%&&^% WOP"–received in response to his appearance, go here.

The O'Reilly Factor appearance, May 2

O'REILLY: Joining us from Washington, Nick Gillespie, the editor of "Reason" magazine and Senator Lamar Alexander, who wants to send a message about the anthem. So he has introduced a nonbinding resolution, a symbolic law to the floor of the Senate to say what? Senator?

SEN. LAMAR ALEXANDER (R), TENNESSEE: Well to say that our national anthem, our oath of allegiance, our pledge of allegiance, ought to all be recited or said in our common language which is English.

O'REILLY: What about diversity?

ALEXANDER: Diversity is very important. But because we're a nation of immigrants, because of all of our diversity, we need something in common. Diversity is a great strength. But the greatest thing about our country is we molded into one—into one nation. So we have our common history. We have the common principles that we debate here in the Senate. We have our common language, English. And we ought to encourage it, not undercut it. I mean we don't—we don't salute the flag of our ancestors. And we don't—we don't say the pledge after allegiance in Chinese and we don't sing the national anthem in Spanish. We're not the United Nations. We're the United States of America.

O'REILLY: I know.

ALEXANDER: . things we have in common.

O'REILLY: But, look, with the changing complexion, I mean that literally, of America, accepting now and I think it's going to happen between 12 and 30 million new citizens, many of whom speak Spanish, aren't you leaving them out if so don't let them speak—sing the national anthem in their own language?

ALEXANDER: You're leaving them out if you don't encourage them to learn English. We created the public schools 150 years ago primarily to help immigrant children learn to read and write in English and learn what it means to be an American. In order to be a legal citizen in this country, it is the law that you have to know English to an eighth grade level. And the Senate last week just passed a law that said we'll give you $500 if you're legally here and want to become a citizen to help you learn English. We'll take all the amount of time you have (INAUDIBLE) to become a citizen.

O'REILLY: I don't know about your relatives, but I don't think my relatives from Ireland got $500 when they got off at Ellis Island. They already spoke English. They also spoke Gaelic and had a big brogue.

ALEXANDER?: We always worked on helping them learn English.

O'REILLY: OK, Mr. Gillespie, do you think this is a good thing that the Senate pass a symbolic law saying that you got to sing the national anthem in English?

NICK GILLESPIE, EDITOR IN CHIEF, REASON MAGAZINE: I want to congratulate the senator because who knew that war in Iraq was over? Who knew that the out of control spending the Republicans have brought to Washington 11 years of budget control and that the saber-rattling by North Korea and Iran and other countries, it's over. And we can spend time on a completely inane and asinine issue. To be talking about passing resolutions in a way even, especially if they're nonbinding about what language people should be able to sing the national anthem or say the pledge after allegiance is ludicrous beyond belief. One of the great things about America is our First Amendment which guarantees political expression. Certainly the pledge of allegiance and the national anthem are political speech. And now you're trying to say that only way can you be truly American is to say it in English, which the last time I checked was the language of our colonial overlord from a couple hundred years ago.

O'REILLY: Let the senator reply.

GILLESPIE: We've gotten by for over 200 years without having this type of stuff on the books. We certainly don't need it now.

O'REILLY: Senator?

ALEXANDER: Well, that's not right at all. I'm glad he brought up Iraq. Iraq is diverse. Jerusalem is diverse. The Balkans are diverse. We don't want to be diverse like that. We celebrate our diversity, but we celebrate more importantly what we have in common. And speaking English has always been part of becoming American. And it is on the books. In order to become a citizen of the United States, you have to wait five years. You have to learn our history. And you have to learn our common language which is English through eighth grade. That is the law today.

GILLESPIE: Let me tell you something because from the Pew Hispanic Center which tracks, shows that by the third generation, Latinos who speak Spanish in the household, zero percent of them only speak Spanish. Eighty percent of them only speak English and 20 percent are bilingual and that's exactly the same process by which immigrants from Italy and central Europe in the early part of the 20th century did. You know, I have to tell you, senator.

ALEXANDER: But if you had your way sir, they'd grow up singing the "Star Spangled Banner" in another language.


ALEXANDER: They wouldn't be learning it by the third.

GILLESPIE: Yes, they would be. They would be. You know what, what I'm really kind of disturbed by is that you're telling me and you're telling millions of people like me who have non-English speaking grandparents who came here in the early part of the 20th century who never learned English, my grandfather (INAUDIBLE), my mother's side who came from Italy, never spoke a word of English. He still sang opera. He didn't sing the national anthem by the time he died after he raised kids. And you're saying this guy is not as American as you or your seven generations from Tennessee or whatever. That is just wrong.

O'REILLY: All right (INAUDIBLE). Mr. Gillespie, let the senator answer because that's a personal comment. And we'll let him answer. Senator, you got 25 seconds. Go.

ALEXANDER: There is nothing more important to our country than unity. Unity is more important than diversity. Taking all that diversity and turning it into one country is important. We do it with our common history. We do it with our principles and our founding documents and we do it with our common language and with our national symbols.

O'REILLY: Gentlemen. We got it. We got it.

ALEXANDER: (INAUDIBLE) work effort and a common efforts towards making (INAUDIBLE)

O'REILLY: We got it.

ALEXANDER: . better for your children, not by speaking.

O'REILLY: We'll let the folks decide as always. Gentlemen, thanks for a very good debate. We appreciate it.

The emails

Subject: Just watched you on O'Reilly

I have a lot of respect for Bill O'Reilly none for you



Muskogee Ok

Subject: You

Go back to Italy you *&^%&&^% WOP



Mr. Gillespie:

You are a man with no honor. The NATIONAL ANTHEM Should be sung in English you smug, arrogant jerk. The changing of the words to be sung in Spanish by these invaders are making fun of the American Citizen only you are to stupid to see it.


Subject: Anti-American

Mr. Gillespie,

I just finished watching you on the O'Reilly Show, and I found your thoughts on the Pledge of Allegiance bordering on being very anti-U.S.A.

My parents, also, came from Italy, and I couldn't speak English upon entering our public school system. But, of course, in those days teachers were dedicated to their work, and succeeded in teaching me English, and from my learning of our nation's language, my father, also, learned.

What nation, in the world, permits aliens to sing their national anthem in their native language?

Sir, I think that you liberals are so far out of it, that if left to you sickos, you would sell our country to the highest bidder.

Our schools are presently being challenged, financially, by the large influx of illegals, that our citizens will be in dire straits to find money to accommodate these illegals.

What you liberals don't understand is that these illegals are exactly that…..criminals…..they broke the law of the nation, and you seem to find some sort of pleasure coddling to these criminals.

Respectfully, I remain:


Murrells Inlet, SC

P.S. I don't expect to see a response, nor a publication in your left-wing magazine's letter-to-the-editor section.


I just saw you debate on O'Reilly. If you don't like it here why don't you go back to Italy and take all your friends with you who don't want to speak english in AMERICA.



I just saw you on the O'Reilly factor.

I'm certain the Spanish don't want you representing them with your sarcasm and overbearing manner. You don't help the cause at all and in fact make the hate them. Your ego and your superior attitude cement negative feelings.

Do the spanish a favor and shut your mouth.

Subject: anthem

Dear Sir,

I realize that you say a lot of the things you say to be controversial—that's what is behind a magazine like yours—but do you really think that you represent the majority of American citizens when you defend the national anthem sung in Spanish? I have watched people like me go from—well, they are getting a lot of social advantages—medical care, school attendance, etc.—but it could be worse. And now it is worse! when they start demanding those privileges and changing our national anthem, they have lost any sympathy that I might have had for them. I am someone with a lot of relatives in Mexico City who feel the same way I do.


Subject: Spanish National Anthem

Dear Nick, I just saw you with Bill O. on FNC. Aside from not adding anything to the discussion other than a typical lefty response, you belittled the senator from TN. for his "white heritage". I think that you and other libs do this because you really think that all white republicans live in the south. Of course you are wrong. I live in Redding, CT. and probably am smarter and wealthier than you. If you ever try to peddle that self hating american crap here in front of me, I will confront you. I will also add that I am better looking as well. I say this last thing because I know that it bothers you. Nice wussy leather jacket too!


Subject: Your Oreilly appearance 5/2/06 comment

Hi Nick,

Couldn't help but have to comment. In a "melting pot" country like ours with immigrants from dozens of languages and cultures, we'd have anarchy if every immigrant insisted on just using their native language. It's having a common language and a common foundation in law that unites us. Not just hard work towards common goals. I just can't agree with you. (though I support your right to your opinion)

Take Care,


Subject: I Saw You on O'Reilly

Dear Mr. Gillespe,

I just finished watching you on the O'Reilly Factor with Former Senator Lamar Alexander. I am convinced from your input on the show, as well as the Reason magazine website, that you are a nut-job and a crack-pot. As an American, I am fed up with your bleeding-heart, leftist, communist view-point and I'm fed up with it shoved in my face!!!!! You are an idiot and are out of control. You certainly have no trouble speaking English, yet you deplore the thought of anyone ILLEGALLY coming into my country doing the same thing. At least your grandparents had the decency to come to America the legal and correct way, not slithering and running into America like common criminals that you celebrate. As much as I disagree with President Bush, I'm not obsessed with searing and unjustified hatred for him. I can sleep at night without an ulcer, but have determined that you cannot. Your day of reckoning with "TRUE" Americans is coming soon. You will have to answer for the years of stupidity and bias that you have thrown into the fan of life!! You certainly have smelled up my America with your crap!!! And to think you have the audacity to have a doctorate in English!! Holy Crap, what a rip-off of the American University system one that has been corrupted and poisoned by the likes of morons like you!!!


Subject: O'reilly show


It is amazing how many nuts are falling from the trees in diverse American now. The AMERICAN National Anthem is just what it says American, not Mexican American or African American BUT AMERICAN only as far as I am concerned. No I am not against any race but enough is enough. Mexico and Africa are both countries that are falling apart and we are suppose to help them or we don't care but then we cannot be a people who are American, why? We are supposed to tolerate everyone and everything but we cannot have our own rights, again why? I am a Baptist preacher and many think that Jesus was a tolerate LORD and that is deadly wrong. Jesus loves us all but He hates sin and does not tolerate sin at all and we should not either. Tolerance is making our country go down fast and I love America and I am not a Irish American I am a American, period. Again, hate me if you want but I am not like others who will change my mind because someone does not like it. I don't want anyone to dislike me but I cannot and do not live my life on their rules but on what my LORD Jesus tells me thru His word, not what others say His word says. If you do not like America leave. Jesus Will Rule With a Rod of Iron Like it OR Not,

Subject: Italian Descent

I just saw you on O'Reilly and I can't say how you upset me. My father also immigrated from Italy. When living in Syracuse, he decided to become a US citizen. This was in the early 30s. He had to attend night school to learn about our government. His notes are all in English. I still have some of them. He became a US citizen.

I was brought up in an Italian neighborhood in Poughkeepsie. We all attended a Catholic school with the majority of the students being Italian first generation Americans. We were taught in English. The merchants in the neighborhood spoke to us in English even though most of the students were bilingual. I NEVER had any teacher give me special instructions in English.

The one thing that unites us as a country is our common language. Once you start breaking up into different nationalities, the nation will break up. We have one language, one national anthem sung in English…period.

Those who have immigrated here should be assimilated and learn to speak English as soon as they can. There are always exceptions like your grandfather, but they should not be in the majority.

Thanks for reading my note.


Subject: The Factor May 2nd

Even the democrats aren't as dumb as you are. Look to Canada for an example of what happens when nation speaks two languages. Sure you can find countries (Switzerland) that have more than one language but that is an accident of 1000's of years of history.

Learning the language is part of being an American. If I wanted to live in another country I'd expect to learn the language, and believe me it would be very difficult—language is not my thing.


Subject: English only

It really doesn't surprise me that you condone our national anthem being sung in Spanish. The thought of assimilation just terrifies you. I just wish all of you left wing nuts would go back to your countries of origin, since you despise the U.S. so much. You and your ilk are so predictable.




Subject: What?

What was that garbage that you put over the airwaves on Fox News ?

With your ultra-liberal theory we will end up with a sliced and diced population like France ! No national unity, no patriotism, just touchy-feely political correctness combined with treasonous assholes like Ward Churchill a socialist / communist so-called tenured professor from U of C @ Boulder !

Q. What branch of the U.S. military did you serve in and what was your job ? I already know the answer ! That is a little too patriotic for you !

Your educational background lends itself to to the total brainwashing by anti-American professors and students who have never been out of a classroom or a library, know nothing of world affairs execpt from a textbook. Once graduated this allows the mush minded to spew their crap and to display their diplomatic skills.

If you guys were in charge of WWll the Nazi's would rule the world today, "Hands Up," no contest !!!!

By the way the black leather "Fonz" look is now the rage in the Castro District of San Fransisco !

I think you just acquired some new friends for being such a patriot:

1. Vincente Fox

2. Hugo Chavez

3. Fidel Castro

4. The not so dead Russia

5. China

6. Iran

7. N. Korea

8. Syria

9. Al Qaeda

10. Al-Saudi-Gore

11. Cindy-Sheehan-Chavez

12. The ACLU

13. The DNC

14. MoveOn.Org

15. The defunct Air America


17. Code Pink

18. N.O.W.

19. N.A.M.B.L.A.

20. And the list goes on and on ! Makes you proud, eh ?


I watched your interview on Fox News today and strongly disagree with your stance. My grandparents were immigrants to this country and I regard them as extremely strong and admirable people. They did not speak English upon coming here and yet I sincerely believe they would have looked at this idea of two National Anthems as a no brainer. The Star Spangled Banner is "our" National Anthem. It is in English. But it is "ours" none the less. What do you feel is so wrong with the one we have, that we need to aquire another National Anthem so that more people can relate. Does this mean we should have created a Hmong one so that the refugees from the Vietnam War could have felt more at home. Or what about the Puerto Ricans, do you think that they should get one too. Where do you draw the line? In the pledge of allegiance we say ONE nation, not one nation with two societies. And your comment about the English language being that of our overlords is ridiculous because the Spanish language is that of Mexico's overlords and the Spanish language is derived from Spain. Everyone wants to feel included and that is fine. I am for a United States that definitly supports all of its people but to have a seperation in this sorts is not the American way!



Subject: Your Interview on Fox News

Nick I heard you spar tonight with Senator Lamar Alexander about whether the Star Spangled Banners should be sung in English and I thought you were full of shit with your reasoning. I support the Senator's resolution completely. I'm sick of all this Hispanic/Mexican bullshit being shoved in my face. It's people like you that fail to see how dangerous this illegal immigration invasion is to this country. You are seeing a 3rd world migration of uneducated, unskilled and non-English speaking peoples into this country. They are fleeing their own corrupt homelands—primarily Mexico. I don't buy this crap that they "help the economy." They are draining the economy by taxing the healthcare, educational and social services systems. They pay relatively little taxes because their greedy employers pay them in cash much of the time. Their presence is keeping wages artificially low in certain sectors of the economy. They send a substantial portion of their income back to Mexico. It's a matter of time before their whole "movement" becomes violent. Their loyalties are to Mexico (which I can't understand). Mexico doesn't give one shit about the US. I think you need to take a more multi-dimensional view of this immigration invasion.

I don't buy any of your arguments. And trust me I'm not alone.


Nineveh, IN

Subject: Free Minds and Free Markets?

I watched your recent appearance on The O'Reilly Factor. I've never been a big fan of Lamar Alexander but his sense of the senate resolution is reasonable. The balkanization of our country to appease people with bad attitudes who would oppose any appeal to celebrate our unity is unnecessary. Further, your graceless hostility to Mr. Alexander betrayed a prison-like bias in your mind, namely, that people who espouse ideas you don't like, should be denigrated and demonized. Your mind just didn't seem very free to me.


Subject: Tuesday on O'Reilly

Just saw you on O'Reilly and couldn't disagree with you more. You're an arrogant ass.

Subject: FOX Interview


I had a good laugh today at such ridiculous and immature comments coming from an organization with "Reason" in the title. I can't believe an organization made you a "Chief" of anything, you clearly don't posess the leadership skills like the congressman does. Your one of those guys I tutored in calculus in college because you couldn't "get it".

The growing division in this country is tearing it apart at the seams and encouraging it adds no value. I doubt your Italian grandfather would agree with your position due to a national pride he had that you now take for granted.

Unfortunately for your magazine you tipped your hand to America and we now know not to read your magazine or visit your website again. I do hope FOX invites you back because it was entertaining.


(3rd generation Italian American)

Subject: I support Alexander

RE: Your appearance on the O'Reilly Factor

Mr. Gillespie,

I support Senator Alexander's amendment for an English only U.S. national anthem and I thought your cheesy attack on the Senator with your "Iraq is over" line of crap was sophomoric.

Diversity is what makes this country great, but watering down our traditions under the guise of diversity well, we lose the meaning. Yes, yes we do.

I don't want a watered down America, but apparently you do. A national anthem needs to be sung in the country's language. Period. Should Germany's national anthem be sung in Turkish simply because a large segment of their immigrant population is Turkish? No, that's a ludicrous notion.

"Our forefathers, who came from those many different countries, spoke many different languages. But in coming here, they agreed to speak one common language…. And that language is English," Alexander said in a prepared text.

That's wisdom, continuing what our forefathers agreed upon. It's a HUGE part of has contributed to this nation's success. Unified diversity. People working together for the common good.

This isn't the United States of Mexico and what you condone waters down what our founding fathers worked so hard to establish.

—–Original Message—–

Subject: Nick Gillespie

This is for Nick Gillespie and all the other supporters of illegal immigration within the USA.

Nick, I admire your father's fortitude coming to America, working hard according to you, but why didn't he become a US citizen? I think that is a shame.

We have a law on We have a law on immigration. It's simple. Learn English/American, wait 5 years, learn the history of America and swear allegiance to the United States of America.

My forefathers came here in 1728. They had to register and become CITIZENS LEGALLY. What don't you dipshits understand about LEGALLY?

I'm tired of illegal stealing my social services! I'm tired of paying to educate illegal kids while my friends kids can't afford colleges or private high schools! I'm tired of illegal jamming up emergency hospital rooms.

What don't you dipshits get about ILLEGAL. ILLEGAL is not a sick bird, it means you shouldn't do it!

Subject: I wouldn't be bragging

You and Roger Hernandez both feel good about 3rd generations finally learning English. I wouldn't brag about that. My Mother ( age 7 ), Grandmother and numerous relatives came from Italy in the late 30's. I was born in '43' and can never remember a time when any of them didn't speak English in public. They all read, wrote, spoke, voted ( no bi-lingual ballots ) and had jobs. Sure they spoke Italian, but in the home or among friends. They assimilated and never looked back. We never had conversations about life in Italy or Yugoslavia because , once they came to America, the old country was way back in the rear-view mirror.

Advocates today are either saying that our ancestors were gifted and intellectual ( which they weren't ) or that today's immigrants are not very intelligent. Which is it?


Pueblo, CO


If you don't like the required singing in English, then go back where your grand parents came from!!!!!!!!!

It's shitheads like you, that keeping trying to change the US, go back home where you came from and push your agenda!

Subject: Thank You

Your discussion on Fox news was great.

Thank You

Subject: You are a pig AND A TRAITOR


Subject: National Anthem in Spanish

Not surprised to hear that someone who thinks doing drugs is okay with the national anthem being sung in Spanish.

Enough is Enough! Shame on your Grandfather who never bothered to learn the language of his country where he became a citizen. I am sure if the tables were turned Vincente Fox would foam at the mouth before anything would be done in English. MLB

Subject: O'Reilly Appearance

Mr. Gillespie,

Your appearance on the O'Reilly Factor only showed your ignornace of the imigrant situation coupled with your disrespect of Senator Alexander. Keep up the good job that all you libs can always be counted on for.


Subject: This is AMERICA, you idiot

Saw you on O'Reilly. You're completely out of touch with Americans. That's why you are a meager editor of an unknown magazine and nothing more.

Subject: Brown Out Day, worked for me!

Importance: High

Brown Out Day, worked for me!

The difference in just the fast food industry alone was incredible. Not only was I waited on in a timely manner, but the people behind the counter were friendly, fast, efficient AND there were no language barriers. Everything that I said…….they understood! I received the customer service that I not only deserve but expect.

This is the time for all "service oriented", businesses to take another look at whom pays the bills. It is not the workers whom don't understand our language and our culture. We are! The English speaking Americans are the paying customer. And I for one am sick and so very tired of getting nothing but downright bad customer service when it comes to fast food, grocery and lawn care services.

Maybe Americans everywhere should start a boycott of our own. Why don't we stop frequenting all Mexican Eateries, anything Latino oriented, stop shopping at places that hire illegal immigrants or that do not speak proper English, that cannot provide at least halfway decent customer service because of their poor English skills?

And let's not just boycott for one day, let's boycott until this is finally all over and everybody understands what "against the law", means and starts abiding by the laws that make this country a better place to live!

Oh, one other tidbit of advice….. Why doesn't immigration Patrol deputize at least five hundred more people in each major city and start arresting illegal immigrants at their rallies?


Lehi, UT

Subject: O'Reilly…

Hey Gillespie…

saw you on O'Reilly…and all the dribble you spewed is a bunch of disingenuous sophistry…

my mother is a FIRST GENERATION from JAPAN and she learned to speak English, albeit with an accent, but your weak and diluted argument about first generation immigrants not learning to speak English is nothing but hogwash….

so go put your bong down and sober up….

and never mind trying to attack me personally….i lived through all the bigotry that you can muster as a kid of an American father and Japanese mother growing up in Japan less than a decade after the end of WW II.

you're nothing but a self-hating white boy…

Subject: Unreasonable


Reason? What an oxymoron. On O'Reilly's segment, Lamar Alexander remained a gentleman during your personal attacks while you displayed your skills as the meaningless viscious editor of some left wing rag. Change the sign on your door from Editor to Revisor please, and take a personality class.

Subject: United States


In the first place we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the man's becoming in very fact an American, and nothing but an American … There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag, and this excludes the red flag, which symbolizes all wars against liberty and civilization, just as much as it excludes any foreign flag of a nation to which we are hostile … We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language…and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people."

Theodore Roosevelt, 1919, from a letter he wrote to the president of the American Defense Society on January 3, 1919, three days before Roosevelt died.

The passages were culled "Americanization" was a favorite theme of Roosevelt during his later years, when he railed repeatedly against "hyphenated Americans" and the prospect of a nation "brought to ruins" by a "tangle of squabbling nationalities."

He advocated the compulsory learning of English by every naturalized citizen. "Every immigrant who comes here should be required within five years to learn English or to leave the country," he said in a statement to the Kansas City Star in 1918. "English should be the only language taught or used in the public schools."

He also insisted, on more than one occasion, that America has no room for what he called "fifty-fifty allegiance." In a speech made in 1917 he said, "It is our boast that we admit the immigrant to full fellowship and equality with the native-born. In return we demand that he shall share our undivided allegiance to the one flag which floats over all of us."

People like you are destroying the fabric of America. You people are trying the divide and conquer approach.

Illegals are Law breakers. Everyone of them should be scooped up and deported. They should not receive No Free Education.

No free health Care, which many come here with sickness and disease.

Our Country is One Language

Our Country is one Flag

Our organization will work hard to remove all bilingual classes, remove all printing in Public schools in spanish. Remove all translators in schools, all esl classes, Welcome to AMERICA……….

Entiende bienvenido a America


Subject: bad job on O'Reilly Nick

Hey Nick, as a Libertarian I was quite disappointed with your interview on O'Reilly. You seemed more Anti-American than a rugged individual.

Subject: Speak English.

Get real, English is what we speak in America. Support it or leave it.


Subject: Your a Jerk !

All my friends' parents and grandparents, Greek, Italian, French

All said you are in America, and you speak American. They were proud, and I am sorry if you had illegal relatives.

Ps : Try a new jacket next time, A, is for Anthony or Tony. English speaking Italians. It was hard for my grandparents. But instead of being liberal cry babies, they learned to speak English and were proud.

We grew up in San Pedro, Ca. All immigrants, bur proud Americans.

What's with you magazine & newspaper types. Rude, left wing, Kooks!

Subject: (no subject)

2May I saw you on O'Reilly. I am a 63 year old attorney and ex Special Forces officer during Vietnam. I did not serve my country to see it sold down the river to 12 million criminals who crept into the country illegally. My wife is Ukrainian; it took a lot of money and time to get her here and to get her green card. Why should some illegal who simply crossed the border get the same benefits, or even better benefits, earlier. I, personally, favor a 2,000 mile minefield where the illegal criminals would learn, to their discomfort, that breaking our laws has a consequence. However, I will support a wall or the National Guard on the border. As for you, I believe that you are a fucking idiot who does not care for the country or anything other than the benefits you will receive from the illegals entering the country. Shame on you, and, I sincerely hope that you go to hell.


Rathdrum, ID

Subject: Liberal trash speech

I just watched your editor in chief's speech to O'Reilly on Fox news. What a load of trash. I and other Americans don't give a crap about your grandfather singing opera in Italian, and O'Reilly never said your grandfather was less of an American. (but I AM saying he was less of an American and so are you)

My grandparents spoke German and they ALSO SPOKE ENGLISH!

My Great Grandparents INSISTED that they learn and speak ONLY ENGLISH when they went to town or anywhere public. They didn't sing our National Anthem in GERMAN (and modify it with a bunch of half cooked—their world translated words and phrases—thus changing its meaning!!); they sang it in ENGLISH or they didn't sing it at all! The ONLY time they were allowed to speak German was when they were at HOME. Not in public.

Why? Because they wanted to be AMERICANS!!!! They didn't walk into the local seed company (being farmers) and whine, cry, bitch and moan that the sellers of seed and other products in America didn't speak to them in their native German and cater to them, the Checzs, Bohemians, etc because they were "special".

So, your grandfather wouldn't learn English huh? Even though he expected to be called an American? THAT and YOU and your leftist, liberal opinions are NOT acceptable. O'Reilly can't say it but I can. That and you and your Grandfather for that matter, are full of shit.

Take your ILLEGAL Mexicans and your whining and bitching and get the hell out of MY America. Wait and see. Americans have had enough and when we are all finally pushed far enough—we will in force and WITH force; THROW the Mexicans (and people like you) out of this country, back over the river, and where ever else your kind crawled in from.

You have my full name below—I'm not scared of you or your kind. But if you come into my corner of the world—be ready for the consequences of your actions. I am an American and I will not have this country destroyed before my eyes by people like you.


Fremont, NE

Subject: English

I seen you on The Factor. If you think Spanish is so damn great, why don't you move to Mexico! My home town is over run with Mexicans and 99% are babbling in Spanish and spray painting every thing that don't move! You don't hear the German immigrants speaking German or the Italian immigrants speaking Italian, but the Mexicans are nothing more then Terrorists trying to bully their will on the American people! You need to get out into the real world and see what these people are really like, not what you hear in Washington!


Subject: The Factor

Hey John Stamos,

My Grandfather came from Italy as well and unlike those arrogant, protesting criminals, he learned how to speak English. He wouldn't even speak Italian around my Father and Uncles because he wanted them to be assimilated to one culture and one language. He wanted them to be Americans? You can shake your head all you want but through your apathetic ignorance, you're actually subverting the very people you're claiming to support. Those who are on a legitimate path to legalization and do not assimilate and cannot speak English will never escape poverty. And those who are illegal are criminals and should be kicked out! I have to hand it to your tech geeks for having the foresight to grab the .com "reason". Also considerably ironic…

Subject: O'Reilly Factor tonight

You are an absolute FOOL……………………..How is that for freedom of speech!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Subject: Atta Boy—Your Performance on The Factor

Dear Nick,

On a completely separate subject, I saw you on The O'Reilly Factor tonight and really appreciated the way you mopped up the floor with the guy who had nothing better to do than write a law to control what language people can sings songs in. You were devastating, and I appreciated the frank language you chose as well and the sarcastic way you began your comments. I don't think enough ridicule/scorn/unvarnished criticism is aimed at idiotic ideas these days, and it was refreshing to see you just plow into this guy without pulling any punches. Well done.

— Greg

Subject: O'Reilly Factor

Dear Mr. Gillespie:

After watching your performance on the O'Reillly Factor last night I can only conclude that

a.) You are rude and ill mannered and believe that by raising your voice and attempting to talk over others, you make your point.

b.) You are doing your cause more harm than good due to "a", and you made Senator Lamar Alexander look good. Nice work.

Regarding the topic of immigrants (legal immigrants), In conclusion?

Learn English or get out. Don't whine about your family members "never having learned English", that was then, this is now. If you want a splintered nation with cultural chaos, move to Canada, they've already established that environment, and you'd love it.



Subject: American!

You looked and sounded just like liberal communist sympathizer on TV last night. You wiew of what America is and what it wants is flawed. Besides the jacket sucks.

Subject: Lunatic leftits


I've listened to you in the past spew your vitriolic anti-American, anti-Bush hate speech. Last night was no surprise. You not only called Senator Alexander's non binding resolution ludicrous, but you showed your hatred by making a personal attack on his heritage.

I am all for the Senator's resolution except that it should be enacted as a law. I will be contacting him with that suggestion. Although you tried to denigrate English as our language because it came from "overlords" from Great Britain, I notice you speak the language. Why is it if you find the English language should be our only language did you, "Gillespie received his Ph.D. in English literature from the State University of New York at Buffalo. He also holds an M.A. in English with a concentration in creative writing from Temple University and a B.A. in English and Psychology from Rutgers University. Gillespie lives in Washington, D.C., where his wife Katharine is an assistant professor of English at American University". I find that makes your ludicrous admonishment, ludicrous. The Mexicans, Hondurans, Salvadorans, Cubans, ILLEGAL WETBACKS in the US speak Spanish. One wonders how the progeny of Mayans, Aztecs learned and used Spanish as their language. Could it be that the Spanish conquisitors brought it to the New World?

The "Spanish National Anthem" is a fraud. the words to the Star Spangled Banner have been changed. If they really wanted to sing the Anthem in Spanish, there are 4 different copies in Spanish in the Library of Congress. Or better yet the Spanish Anthem could be sung where it's name states, SPAIN.

I don't believe the story about your Grandfather did not speak English. How else did he get his citizenship papers. My Dad came to the US in 1921 as a 17 year old boy, alone. He spoke English in our home except when he and my Mom, native born, wished for me and my siblings to not know about what they were speaking to. Neither of them spoke or tried to teach Italian to their 7 children. My Italian born grandparents lived with us, they spoke English to us, and they didn't expect us to learn their native language. In other words when you are in America, native born, an immigrant, legal or ILLEGAL, learn to speak English, just what Vincente Fox would expect you to speak Spanish if you lived in Mexico.

My last point is , try to bathe before appearing on national TV, that way I don't have to watch you scratch your armpit. But that only proves: LIBERALS SUCK, JUST ASK MONICA,


Seminole, FL

Subject: RE: Your Ho Hum Attitude towards the American Citizens in this Country

I personally would Never read your magazine. I did, by circumstance, see your ugly face on Bill O'Rielly's show. Just to make it a little clearer for you "bizzaro people", most of the citizens (taxpayers, by the way) will never put up with these Illegal ALIENS. We have enough social welfare programs creating low life in this Country. We do not need anymore of it. Procreating generations on welfare and taking our hard earned tax money. You and your ilk are like so many freaky people these days. You think that your word is what counts. NOT SO!!! We will prove all of you off beat freaks wrong. We do not appreciate people coming to this Country and sucking the life blood out of it. THAT is EXACTLY what this crooked race does. It is either that or drugs. But then, when I think of it, you are probably very happy with the drug element. Happy and very comfortable with it. No we do not like this group of people or people such as yourself and your bizzaro magazine. Glad to see "ya" go.