The Ecstasy of Amy Fisher


How does a 35-year-old (or whatever) Long Island Lolita stay in the news? By blaming her badda-bing ways on drugs. Via Cicero at the wonderful To the People:

The Shoot-People-in-the-Face Drug

Amy Fisher, who shot the wife of the well-named Joey Buttafuoco in the face back in 1992, is now saying that Ecstasy made her do it. She may be the first person in human history to take a drug that gives you empathy and then shoot someone. That's how evil she is. Good lord, imagine what would have happened if she wasn't on the love drug. She probably would have shot Joey Buttafuoco too. And that would have meant the two of them never would have gotten back together for a reunion at Lingerie Bowl III. (More "whatever happened to Joey Buttafuoco" here.)

"I just did something totally irrational," Fisher says. "Believe me, rational people don't go to do something like that in the middle of the day. It's just insane."

Oh, Amy. Shooting people in the middle of the day? You are crazy. Everyone knows you're supposed to shoot people in the face at night.

Whole thing, with fun links, here.

Note Cicero, et al.: Shouldn't your blog be called To the Soylent Green Is People? Just a thought.