Profiles in Legislative Courage: A Day Without Democrats


Apparently, the planned work stoppage on May 1 is not just for, you know, workers; Democrats in the California State Assembly are planning a pro-immigrant no-show as well. Somehow, I don't think the absence of the Dems will leave Republicans wondering how they will ever go it alone. But this is a special kind of work stoppage. It's the kind where you still get paid:

…The Democrat leaders of the California State Assembly…. declared Monday a "check-in" day so as not to forfeit their $459 tax-free per diem for the weekend and Monday. A true legislative walkout would have led to lawmakers losing per diem pay for Saturday and Sunday, as well as Monday since spending more than three consecutive days away from the Capitol triggers a halt in the highly-prized extra pay.

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  1. The Dems aren’t even competant enough to keep something like this hushed up. A prime case of Testicular Deficiency.
    I once again call for the impeachment of all Democrat party lawmakers for failure to provide the so-called “loyal opposition” that’s supposed to be so vital to the system.

  2. “Somehow, I don’t think the absence of the Dems will leave Republicans wondering how they will ever go it alone.”

    Without a quorum, the Rs won’t be able to do anything dastardly. But a day without legislative activity is okay by me.

  3. Once again, the Dems prove that they are, at the end of the day, subject to the same urges of self-interest that they want us to all deny in favor of lovingkindness or whatever altruistic bullshit they’re selling today.


  5. It’s disgusting to be sure, but is it really much different than a House of Representatives that only schedules 97 working days in a session? They’re getting paid a lot for so little. Given the current idiots, I’d consider paying them more to do even less.

  6. I think EVERY day should be a “check-in day” for them.

  7. Screw “check-in,” they should put Baron Harkonnen in charge of the legislature. At the start of term each lawmaker is injected with a time-release poison. He has to report to the state house every day to milk a rat for enough antidote to get him through the day.

  8. If we fitted them all for ankle bracelets they wouldn’t even have to bother checking in.

  9. put Baron Harkonnen in charge

    And once a week or so, he gets a fresh young lawmaker for his personal… use.

  10. I have two thoughts here.

    1) This proves our politicians know what government is for. Namely, stealing from the people and giving to the well-connected. In this case that is them, but whatever.

    2) This is one less day that they can pass legislation that reduces my liberty. Ironic that it is on Commie Day.

  11. Like every other puffed-up call from attention whores, I predict that the big news Monday will be how small the turnout–and impact–was…anyone remember the million man march? “Checking in” provides the dems with an opportunity to decide to “stay in” the office if it looks like the turn out ain’t so grand.

  12. Jeff P. I’d up the ante:

    Put the Fremen in charge: any legislator (R or P or I or L) who physically misses a day is staked out in the desert with at thumper running next to his head. Two possible outcomes occur to me.

    1. (more likely), they all show up every day required, which won’t be any worse that the state of things as they stand now. 2. No one runs for the legislature after the first Sandworm demonstration, in which case the populace can begin dismantling the bureaucracy next. Anarcho-Capitalists arise!

  13. “put Baron Harkonnen in charge”

    Why not Baron Hardchargin instead…

    “Bring me two young boys, a pumpkin, and the schnauzer–after this, I shall wish to be depraved.”

  14. On a similar topic, Bush just came out against the Star-Spangled Banner being sung in spanish.

    Could we get him to walk out on May 1st as well?

  15. I like the Fremen idea. They have sole claim to the single most valuable resource. The one that makes all industry possible.
    And it’s a drug.
    And they are addicts.
    And they settle differences with knife fights.
    And they greet each other by spitting on the ground.
    That’s what Congress should be like.
    Also, if you defeat an enemy, you must carry his pork…

  16. Fools! Only the God Emperor Leto II can handle this problem. He’d arbitrarily kill legislators to keep them in line. And off guard. All for the Golden Path.

    Mauve’Bib, what would you call a liqueur made of beer?

  17. “It is by will alone I set this bill in motion…”

  18. Governments, if they endure, always tend increasingly toward aristocratic forms. No government in history has been known to evade this pattern. And as the aristocracy develops, government tends more and more to act exclusively in the interests of the ruling class — whether that class be hereditary royalty, oligarchs of financial empires, or entrenched bureaucracy.

    –Politics as Repeat Phenomenon
    Bene Gesserit Training Manual

  19. On a similar topic, Bush just came out against the Star-Spangled Banner being sung in spanish. [sic]

    [Insert lyrical “Jose, can you see…” joke here]

    1. And they used to say, “Put your money where your mouth is.”
    2. Now we know what everyone around here watches.
  20. Maybe a bunch of citizens should show up and claim the right to to legislate as “undocumneted lawmakers”?

  21. Reverend Mother,

    Don’t try your powers on me, witch! I remember your Gom Jabbar, and I decree that each legislator shall put their hand in the box at each session!

  22. Californicate needs a day without democrats. Actually, we could take a year of more without them.

  23. What if they gave a work stoppage and nobody came?

  24. Wait. I have a better idea:

    What if porn stars went on strike and nobody came?

  25. “The Dems aren’t even competant enough to keep something like this hushed up. A prime case of Testicular Deficiency.”

    or perhaps a case of tremendous chutzpah, mr jeff. the democrats know darn well that there is no way they will lose that state for several decades, with the demographics leaning the way they do.

    it is not right to compare them to an aristocracy either, ms helen. an aristocracy is bound by respect for tradition and concern for the viewpoint of history. these scoundrels plainly consider themselves bound by nothing but potentia gratis potentiae. such is the inevitable result of attempts to create a classless society.

  26. BD, I thought we already lived in a society without classes. Isn’t that what Libertarians and Republicans always say whenever the subject of class is brought up?

  27. Now THIS is a geek out …

  28. I decree that each legislator shall put their hand in the box at each session!

    Put your hand… in the XBox.

    Wh.. what’s in the XBox?


  29. Xboy – You serious? Most libertarians I know claim that the important class distinction is between those with coercive power and those without. (Legislators fall into Column A.) But it’s hard to generalize, since libertarians run the gamut from nearly strait-laced Republicans to freaky anarchist radical types. Me, I’m just your typical strait-laced anarchist Republican freak.

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