Great Moments in Newspaper Layout


I never knew Zarqawi looked like that.

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  1. Looks more like a potato Hitler

  2. That’s part of the answer, I think. Laugh at them. Drives ’em bats.

    These islamofascists take themselves almost as seriously as vegans or feminists do.

  3. That’s the ugliest Bush I ever saw, and it’s urging for a probe (for a price, of course.)

    Now what kind of Bush urges probes for a price?

  4. The question is, was the layout intentional? I vote yes. Now Mr Potato Head will join Evil Bert in a new wave of terrorist mockery.

  5. Mr. Potato Head is running Al-Qaida? Say it ain’t so!

  6. The question is, was the layout intentional?

    Nope. It’s a byproduct of this inane “Hot L” layout The Sun recently adopted. It’s constantly producing weird juxtapositions, but this is the funniest so far.

  7. Mr. Potato Head is NOT an evil terrorist.

    He just looks like one because someone put the evil terrorist eyebrows on him.

  8. joe,

    Yes, just like they did with Bert. Someone is trying to take our precious childhood icons away from us.

    Next, we’ll hear that Mr. Rogers is actually alive in a cave in Pakistan. With evil eyebrows.

  9. No wonder they can’t catch Zarqawi – he’s a master of disguise.

  10. But they sure got a good picture of him.

    At least they put the nose and mustache in the right place.

  11. Where’s the pipe? Oh, wait. Can’t expose our children to a pipe–almost forgot. That’s how we’ll catch Zarqawi, when he slips up in his Mr. Potato Head disguise and includes the verboten pipe.

  12. joe:

    Perhaps. But in his unfriendly attitude and lack of positive statements about the Global War on Terror, I think it can be argued that Mr. Potatohead has crossed the line to being objectively pro-islamofascism.

  13. Mr. Potato Head is running Al-Qaida? Say it ain’t so!

    The terrorists have eyes everywhere. Potato eyes.

  14. You know, putting out a daily paper is a huge, fast-paced operations. Little things like this will happen sometimes. Let’s not have a russet to judgment.

  15. I have a question. Is it more appropriate to boycott potatoes or to eat more of them? In other words, which action would make Mr. Potato Head suffer the most? Starchy bastard!

  16. Ouch, Stevo, that was physically painful.

    Idaho what you think you’re trying to prove.

  17. Zarqawi’s just trying to show what a spud he is.

  18. Sandy, I don’t get that pun. It just spud by me.

  19. So if I still have my old Mr. Potato Head doll somewhere, does that mean I’m harboring a terrorist? Or am I cultivating one?

  20. He was at the beach trying to pick up chicks but was having no luck. His friend told him to try putting a potato in his pants. But this didn’t work either. In fact, everyone was laughing at him. He asked his buddy what was wrong and he said “you’re supposed to put it in the front.”

  21. Say, the Mr. Potato Head image that The Sun used looks a lot like Mohammed.

    Prepare to die, infidel scum.

  22. Idaho what you think you’re trying to prove.

    That has got tuber the worst pun I’ve ever heard.

  23. I yam getting sick of all of this nonsense. Next punster gets mashed.

  24. That has got tuber the worst pun I’ve ever heard.

    Where did I put my stabbin’ knife…

  25. The Sun is a new print. They’re just starting to figure this stuff out..

  26. Is the probe that Bush is asking for like the ones that aliens do to the Earth people they kidnap?

  27. All these puns au gratin on my nerves!

  28. This is the sort of thing that happens to all of the johnny-come-latkes.

  29. I think that I shall never see
    A pomme as lovely as a tree

    All these puns au gratin on my nerves!

    Yukon say that again!

  30. This is getting ri-golden-diculous.

  31. Before he started taking steroids, Zarqawi looked like Mr. Parsnip Head.

    By the time Uncle Sam catches him, he’ll look like Mr. Pumpkin Head.

  32. “Looks more like a potato Hitler”

    You will address him as Herr Kartoffelnkopf!

  33. My sister was afraid of Bert as a child and always knew he was evil. I used to terrorize her with Bert dolls. If only she would have known the evil of Mr. Potato head I would have had twice as much fun.

  34. The newspaper layout is very unappeeling. It looks like it was made by a bunch of gradeschool ‘tots.

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