A Decade Over the Fence


This little fuckhead is back:

Jeffrey Maier, who at the age of 12 turned what God intended to be pop-up out into a Derek Jeter homerun, is getting a second wind of fame, thanks to a budding baseball career at Wesleyan and a role in a new student film (by another Wesleyan student) called I Hate Jeffrey Maier. So much for Washington Post sports columnist Tony Kornhiser, who wrote of then-prepubescent Maier, "He is already past the high point in his life and coming down on the other side… By next week he'll be nostalgia. He's 12 years old, and it's over for him."

Well, Maier has had a lot of time to recover since 1996, but if you watch the clip from the movie available here, with the former "Angel In the Outfield" shuffling around in his dumpy-looking sweats, you'll see that the years can be rough, even on non-Baltimoreans.