Another Victory for People Power


This time in Nepal.

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  1. “Wow” is the first thing that comes to mind. I wonder if the king knows what he’s done? On the one hand, he might just manage to scrape through with his position. On the other, giving your opponents a hard-won concession, especially one of this magnitude, tends to make them more confident, not quieter. I’m guessing it will definitely take some of the wind out of the Maoists’ sails, though, which is only to the good. But who cares for now – power to the people! This seems like it’s been one of the “purest” rebellions, in the sense of justification and ideology, that we’ve seen in a while.

  2. Oh, yeah, power to the people. These people have been trashing businesses, stoning cars, and generally disrupting the lives of people who often survive on their day-to-day earnings as street vendors. I hate people power. I’d rather have one person telling me what to do than millions. Most people are ignorant fools. Why would any sane person want to be ruled by a mob? Of course, the king is a moron himself, and the Maoists are just plain evil.

  3. If it pisses off the Maoists, then the people power thing not only is good, but it is ironic. If the Maoists are against what the people want, what are they for? Lmao.

  4. Most people are ignorant fools

    I agree. People suck bigtime.

    There’s that line in Conferderacy of Dunces that goes something like ‘What I want is a good strong monarch with an excellent grasp of aesthetics and geometry.’

  5. Mark,

    Great quote!

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