Gillespie on Radio Right Now…


I'm doing my regular Monday radio gig on Alan Nathan's Battle Line with Tony Blankley right now.

Listen online here.

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  1. rock this douche bag.

  2. Bill Weld will seek the Libertarian Party line along with the GOP in his run for NY Governor. Very interesting move. This could give the LP ballot status in NY if he gets 50,000 votes on the LP line in the Governors race. First time the LP may cross-endorse like the other small parties in NY and not run its own candidate.

  3. I’m waiting for the ubiquitous Alan Nathan impersonation, What say you?

  4. Nick:

    my regular Monday radio gig

    Music to my ears-I feel a little better about individual liberty’s prospects.

  5. One stupid radio gig, and Rick Barton feels “a little better about individual liberty’s prospects.” Wow, a libertarian groupie.

  6. joe,

    I don’t know how many folks listen to Battle Line but I do know that Nick’s been really effective at making libertarian analysis and arguments on CNBC. Also, his strong presentations, no doubt, engender more folks getting into Reason. With all this fostering of good sense, hopefully liberals like you will have less influence.

    Libertarian groupie huh? Ha ha. Remember your personal troll? Hey anti-joe, sick em!

  7. joe,

    I think that’s just a measure of how slim liberty’s prospects are these days–one libertarian on a national radio show is a big deal. I’d say you should take heart, but I’m guessing you didn’t envision having to re-zone communities in accordance with prophecy. But we did warn you.

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