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Reason is a proud media sponsor of the annual Computers, Freedom, and Privacy Conference, which will take place May 2-5 in Washington, DC. This year's theme: Life, Liberty & Digital Rights.

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Life, Liberty & Digital Rights

The 16th Annual Conference on Computers, Freedom & Privacy

May 2- 5, Washington, DC

CFP is one of the largest and oldest privacy and technology conferences in the world. Anyone interested in privacy and security should attend. This year's panel topics include government surveillance, federal privacy legislation, electronic voting, RFID, network neutrality, privacy of electronic health efforts, spyware, and social networking.

Keynote speakers include Senator Patrick Leahy, Lydia Parnes–Director of the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection, and Vernor Vinge–Computer Scientist and Science Fiction Author.

Program, venue, registration and other details can be found at

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  1. HDCP, the next content protection system to be used in cable, satellite, and next-gen Blu-Ray/HD DVD players, has serious security weaknesses. According to Ed Felten:

    A much more plausible answer is that HDCP encryption exists only as a hook on which to hang lawsuits. For example, if somebody makes unlicensed displays or format converters, copyright owners could try to sue them under the DMCA for circumventing the encryption. (Also, converter box vendors who accepted HDCP’s license terms might sue vendors who didn’t accept those terms.) The price of enabling these lawsuits is … to add another way in which high-def video devices can be incompatible.

  2. If this thing were on a weekend I’d attend.

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