Friday Funk Link (Anti-Communist Edition)


Want to hear "the great lost soul hit of the 70s"? Go here: It's called "Go On Home, You Foreign Communist." Pete Seeger it ain't.

[Via bOING bOING.]

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  1. i suspect this was the middle america’s ideal soundtrack for hu’s visit to the states this week. i’ve actually read a few blogs that would have probably advocated playing this in washington.

  2. What about the best anti-communist folk song ever? Too bad it killed their career.

  3. If Superfly had been about David Horowitz, that would’ve been the theme song.

  4. Reminds me of a song I heard a while back on AM radio, and have never found a sonic copy of. But you can behold the lyrics of The Rainmaker’s “Government Cheese”

    Give a man a free lunch and he’ll figure out a way
    To steal more than he can eat ’cause he doesn’t have to pay
    Give a woman free kids and you’ll find them in the dirt
    Learning how to carry on the family line of work
    It’s the man in the White House, the man under the steeple
    Passing out drugs to the American people
    I don’t believe in anything, nothing is free
    They’re feeding our people the Government Cheese

  5. Oops. I read it “Friday Fun Link” as per usual. I wanna be sedated…

  6. Sandy: I think Reason profiled that group back in the ’80s.

  7. What, my 16-year subscription isn’t enough for you? 😉 I don’t think that issue has made it online. Anyway, if anybody could find an MP3, that would be a fun link as well–though not terribly funky as I recall.

  8. Ya want anti-Communist folks singers? Well, there’s Janet “The Anti-Baez” Greene, the Goldwaters

  9. There’s also explicitly libertarian music. Which is a wonderful segue for A Friday gratuitous New Wave link!

    !It’s Oingo Boingo!

    Lotsa libertarian oriented songs!

    One of my faves is “Capitalism”

    There?s nothing wrong with Capitalism
    There?s nothing wrong with free enterprise
    Don?t try to make me feel guilty
    I?m so tired of hearing you cry

    There?s nothing wrong with making some profit
    If you ask me I?ll say it?s just fine
    There?s nothing wrong with wanting to live nice
    I?m so tired of hearing you whine…

  10. “Yes, and how many times must our taxes be raised,
    Before they are finally banned?
    The answer, my friend,
    Is Ronald Reagan,
    The answer is Ronald Reagan.”

    (“Blowin’ in the Wind” parody from an old Saturday Night Live skit where some space pods turn a bunch of hippies into Reaganites…)

    All in all, though, the Right does not seem to have been hurt too much by its lack of folk songs. As Tom Lehrer noted in “The Folk Song Army”:

    “Remember the war against Franco?
    That’s the kind where each of us belongs.
    He may have won all the battles,
    But we had all the good songs!”

  11. Funk and R&B has hardly been the sole domain of libs.

    One of my laughably favorite flag-waving funkateers had to be Early 80s Prince. Just listen to songs like “America”(Around The World in a Day),

    Communism is just a word
    But if the government turn over
    It’ll be the only word that’s heard

    or “Ronnie Talk to Russia” (Controversy)

    Ronnie talk to Russia before its too late
    before its too late
    before its too late
    Ronnie talk to Russia before its too late
    before they blow up the world
    You go to the zoo, but you can’t feed guerillas
    can’t feed guerillas
    Left-wing guerillas
    You can go to the zoo, but you can’t feed guerillas
    who wanna blow up the world

    I also recall James Brown saying in an 80s issue of SPIN(right before his arrest and jail stint) wanting to “tap dance for President Reagan”.

    And let’s not even get into Lee Atwater with half of Sam and Dave singing “Soul Man” …

  12. David T,

    I fondly remember that! It was in the late ’79 or ’80, before the election. I was really pulling for Reagan. I don’t remember them as space pods though-just pods that some elderly Reagan fan gave to the kids.

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