Obligatory 4/20 Pot Post


The U.S. Army is investigating the use of its own postal service (by subcontractors) to smuggle marijuana into Kuwait. Evidence that pot either really does make you stupid or gives you cojones of steel.

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  1. And just to tie things together:

    obligatory 4/20 marijuana post + U.S. Postal Service reference + thread about public schools below = obligatory anniversary of Columbine High School shoot-em-up comment section reference

    I hope I did my math right.

  2. …assuming you get to keep those cojones if the Kuwaitis catch you…

  3. Mail sent throught the Army postal system would never pass through Kuwaiti control.

  4. …through !throught

  5. “Jafar’s not here, man!”

  6. Does Islam prohibit toking up?

  7. Islam prohibits pretty much everything except polygamy I think.

  8. I think there is an alcohol loophole in Islam. Only spirits derived from grain are verboten. So honey mead is Prophet approved intoxication.

    I was just wondering if the culture that gave us the hookah might not be all that uptight about loading it with a little Afghani Purple Heinous.

  9. “Evidence that pot either really does make you stupid or gives you cojones of steel.”

    It definitely didn’t give me cojones of steel. Alcohol did that for me. 420 just made a paranoid f@#k.

    On a completely unrelated note. I read this on msnbc.com:

    “The most surprising finding, researchers said, was the accident rate among drowsy drivers. They were at least four times more likely to crash or narrowly escape an accident than rested motorists, the data showed.”

    What the fuck is so surprising about that?

  10. made me a paranoid f@#k

  11. so what now?
    a war on being awake too long?

  12. I bet you could sell the stuff for like 200$ an eighth…even the crappy dirt weed.

    lets see there is eight eighths to an ounce 250$ for an ounce and i can smuggle in probably about 10 – 20 ounces a week……

    hey where can I get a job at the US army post office in kuwait?

  13. Yeah well, when I was in the Navy they didn’t use the post office for smuggling, they used airplanes and aircraft carriers. Or so I heard.

  14. Rumor is that a royal was involved, so perhaps they believed they were protected. Apparently the royal was caught with drugs and rolled over on them. Guess he didn’t want to face the death penalty like they probably will.

    How dumb can you be to run drugs in a country that will kill you for it (if you’re lucky, I hear it’s better than getting time).

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