Attn, DC Reasonoids: Reason Happy Hour, Wed, April 19, 6:30PM


I republish yesterday's blog post regarding tomorrow's happy hour below, after adding one more thing we'll be celebrating:

–Reason is a finalist for two Western Publications Association "Maggie" Awards, to be decided this Friday. Last year, Reason took home the Maggie for "Best Politics & Social Issues" mag. This year, we're up for top honors in that category and in the "Best Regularly Featured Web Column" slot.

Come join the DC-based editors of Reason on Wednesday, April 19, 6:30 to whenever, at Lucky Bar, 1221 Connecticut Avenue, NW, as we tip a glass or three to celebrate:

–the addition of Assistant Editor David Weigel to our staff. Dave has worked for USA Today and Campaigns & Elections. Check out some of his excellent Reason stuff here, here, and here. And check out his blog here.

–Assistant Editor Kerry Howley's recent cover story on health care in Reader's Digest and her first-place finish in the Institute for Humane Studies 2005-2006 Felix Morley Journalism Competition.

Reason Online's best month ever for traffic. In March, we pulled 1.9 million visits and 5.1 million page views.

–the publication of our May 2005 issue, featuring Science Correspondent Ronald Bailey's widely hailed and controversial cover story, "Peak Oil Panic."

Hope to see you at Lucky Bar this Wednesday–

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  1. Yay for booze.

  2. Though I have not doubt Ron Bailey was discounting the probability of the end of cheap oil in May 2005, I rather suspect that you mistyped the date.

    Either that, or Sullum totally flaked on publishing the magazine for the past year.

  3. The Maggie Award is thankfully given for magazine content, not design. Reason‘s cover seems to be generated from the Pizza-with-Everythin’ school of layout design. And what’s with the single column article that continues page after page? Who’s idea was that? The whole magazine is just an unorganized jumble (I’m a subscriber, BTW).

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